03 October 2013

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Sargent Justin Shaw returned from the war with what is left of his unit, though instead of being hailed as heroes, they are being sought as test subjects. Their last mission behind enemy lines to obtain a WMD ended with them exposed and on the run. Their goal is not only to destroy the weapon, but also the program being run by their own government. Justin and his men have sacrificed everything for their mission. Will it be enough? Samantha James, a girl whose father disappeared almost twenty years ago unwittingly holds the key. When her father returns bodies start to fall. Sam doesn't know who to trust. Both Justin and her father have their own agendas and either one of them could end up with her dead. 

I normally lean more towards the contemporary romance genre.  I like kind of fluffy books with happy endings and lots of sexy time.  This book was a bit of a departure for me in that respect.  I mean, there’s hot men and sexy time, and a bit of romance, but it’s more a mystery/adventure kind of novel.  So, even though this wasn’t my normal thing, I still really enjoyed it.

This is the story of Samantha and Shaw.  Samantha leads a seemingly normal life as an insurance adjuster.  Her father left when she was nine, and on her 28th birthday she receives a mysterious package from him with a mysterious note.  Having no clue what is going on, she goes about her day.  However, the package changes the course of her life, in both good and bad ways.  And more importantly to this story, introduces her to Sergeant Justin Shaw. 
I really liked Sam.  She’s confident, and not afraid to speak her mind.  She doesn’t let people intimidate her.  She’s such a strong heroine, and I thought even when things were getting hairy, she handled herself way better than I would!  I would freak out!  She is one cool cucumber under pressure!
And Shaw…oh my.  He’s so…manly.  I like my hero’s manly.  The kind of manly that tucks 9 mm glocks into the waistband of their pants.  I really liked the progression of the relationship between Sam and Shaw.  It wasn’t a love at first site kind of deal…it’s a love on the run scenario.  They have to work together to avoid danger and solve a mystery, and during the course of that, they develop feeling for one another.  That was my favorite part of the book.
I will admit it took a while for the action to really kick in.  It wasn’t a book that grabbed me from page one, but once I did get to the meat of it, it proved to be a well told and exciting story.  I think if you like murder/mystery type books with a bit of romance, this is right up your alley.  4 stars.


HK lives in the frozen hinterlands of the far North.  The long, cold months provide ample opportunity to hunker down with her computer and create adventures far more enticing than scraping ice and getting frostbite.   

Between books HK reads voraciously.  Anything with a good plot and compelling characters are her broad parameters.  One is as likely to catch her with a copy of Don Quixote as with the latest in Gail Carriger’s steampunk series. 

HK practices martial arts, rides her horse, gardens and plays with her family every chance she gets.  Next winter she intends to brush up on her Spanish and escape the cold for somewhere more tropical.

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