19 January 2014

The Persuasion Of Miss Jane Brody Tour Stop!

 Jane Brody is a passionate follower of Mary Wollstonecraft's beliefs about the rights of women. She campaigns for better education and employment opportunities for girls so they can be independent of men. Conservative Jonathan Everslie, Marquis of Dalton, needs a wife and heir, but can't find a woman who doesn't bore him. Then he meets Jane Brody. He finds her attractive, but her politics dangerous.

After Jane’s father dies, she is left to raise her younger siblings. Her efforts to support them by running a girls’ school fail because Society decries her beliefs. Marquis of Dalton wants her, but can Jane overcome her fears and put aside her beliefs to marry him to save her family? Will Dalton risk his political career to win Jane’s love and persuade her that they belong together?

First of all this book is based in a historic period.  And at last a book about a strong female main role!!!

Ms. Jane Brody a strong willed and strong minded girl that has only one thing on her mind. NEVER TO GET MARRIED!!  Jane is a women’s activist that believes that women should not be chained to a man and be at their beck and call. Her mother died leaving Jane to raise her siblings, from then she vowed that she will never marry or have children.  After a series of unfortunate events she finds herself in the need of Lord Dalton’s protection.  Lord Dalton finds himself intrigued by this woman and her courage to stand up for what she believes, he doesn’t desire to be married but Ms. Brody’s demeanor may just change his mind.

I applaud the author.  This book was a “Don’t-put-me-down” kind of book, once you start reading you can’t stop. I love the way she described EVERY single character no matter how small of a role they had in the story.  I love to see heroines that are POWERFUL!! Jane’s idea of what a marriage consisted of may not have been the right one but she stood up for what she believed and why she believed in it. 5 star rating from me!

She spoke quietly. “I took you for a man of greater moral fibre my lord. I see I was mistaken.” She turned to his sister and then Mrs Courtice on her right offering them tea and cake.

He was dismissed – as if of no further interest or use to her. It was an unfamiliar feeling – of being ignored by an unmarried woman, or by anyone else for that matter. Stunned, he stepped back from the group and strode away to talk with Dr Logan, the middle-aged doctor who aided a mission in Wapping for unmarried mothers. It was a charity to which Jonathan had given funds for some time but in which he had never taken a close interest, preferring instead to let his money do the work. He listened distractedly to the doctor but his mind was churning.

This woman, this Miss Jane Brody, the daughter of a clergyman, had challenged his very usefulness in the world and found him wanting.

I’m an Australian author of historical romances mainly set during the Regency period. My first novel, The Persuasion of Miss Jane Brody was awarded joint second place part in the Steam eRead’s 'Some Like it Hot' Romance Writing competition held earlier this year. It was published by Steam eReads on 28 November 2013.

Upcoming novels are set in eras from Anglo-Saxon England to 1920s outback Australia.

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  1. Thank you for the fabulous 5 star review Dee! Glad you liked the book. Do you post your reviews on Good Reads? Best wishes to everyone at Crystal's Many Reviewers. Isabella.