07 July 2014

Confessions Of A Small Town Librarian by A. McEwan

 Join small town librarian, Anna McCall on an incredible journey full of temptation, romance and confessions as she uncovers some secrets that could change her town forever. Along the way she meets the hot and hunky Ben who shows her that librarians can be so nice at being naughty too.

I found this advertised on Facebook as a free short story.  I grabbed it and gave it an hour of my time since it is only 55 pages.  What I got in return is a mystery that is making me search the author’s page to see if the next book is out yet. 
You will find a VERY quick read, full of hot passion, fast love and a huge mystery that could destroy what Anna and Ben are building.  Anna is in the process of divorcing Lucas who was abusive to her.  She started going to the gym, taking self-defense classes, carries a weapon and got a dog from the shelter.  She is the librarian at the small town library and came across some journals dated in the 1800’s.  It seems that the man who owned the bar back then also ran a whore house.  The journals belonged to Miss Josephine. 
Ben sees Anna playing pool one night and he had to have her.  It didn’t take much to convince her to go back to his place where she stayed the weekend.  Once he was telling her about the land his house was on and his family history he mentioned his great Grandpa who happens to be mentioned in the journals. 
Ben and Anna began to search the journals together and we are left wondering where the connections are regarding the children born from Josephine and the three men mentioned in her journals.  I need to read more of this to see if there is a connection to Ben and Anna and how they are going to survive.  You will have a fast read with this book, intense hot passion and many questions left once you get to the end.  Great for a lunch time read or quick afternoon escape and you can’t beat the price at this time.    


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