29 July 2014

Down On The Other Street: Volume I by Jennifer Cie

 Long winded, unemployed, and timid, on the first date Brendan Bloom is already in love. Comfortably arched over his body, Ryan contemplates murder. Cold, necklace gleaming against the pale tint of her collarbone, the passenger could have mercy. Not a little black book, but a faded love letter out from under the sheets. Some romances ignite on sight, others flare at the base of waterless tubs soaked in agitation. Rooted in the South, this collection of short stories delivers five electric confessions of love, sexuality, and identity across time.

This book is one of the strangest I have ever read. It is a conglomeration of 5 different stories.  The stories tell of the struggles to accept yourself and whom you love. They are set during different time periods and each vignette features its own set of characters. 

I gave this book 2 stars because of the thoughts and feelings it invoked in me.  I would have loved to read more of the story between Ly and Brendan and Mary’s story just stayed with me. All of the components of a meaningful story were there I just don’t think they were executed well. It took too long to really grasp what was going on every time it switched characters and overall I just felt confused.

I believe this author was trying to bring to light the fact that there have been members of the LGBT community in all walks of life and in all time periods. I think she was trying to raise awareness and show people that love is love no matter what form it takes. Overall this was a confusing book with a wonderful message of acceptance and love.


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