23 July 2014

Not For Sale by Brenda Cothern

Immigration Control Agent Ryan "Brew" Brewster finally got the break he was looking for in his human trafficking case. But to follow the lead, he would need to go undercover into the world of the gay leather community. A world he was very familiar with; a world that would require a partner for the undercover op.

Vice Cop Rick Kendry did not look twenty eight when he was out on the streets of Tampa luring in the John's. He barely looked eighteen but that was why he was stuck in vice. That and the fact that he was openly gay made him the best candidate for the job and luckily for him, he loved undercover work.

When Agent Brewster recruited him for the deep undercover Homeland Security op, Rick couldn't have been more thrilled but little did Rick know that he would soon be immersed into the intricate world of leather & BDSM.

This book contains adult sexual situations including m/m and BDSM practices. Intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

I felt this story started out strong and captured my interest with Rick being a gay undercover cop asked to join the ICE team and Ryan Brewster.  The case is breaking up a human trafficking ring where gay young men are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.  While the story never really dealt with the actual events of the trafficking ring, it did focus on Ryan “Brew” teaching Ryan all about BDSM and what he is going to need to do to play the role of Boy Rick. 
In the process of this training, they both fall for each other and I found their communication rather endearing at times, then there are moments I wonder what in the world Rick even sees in Brew that would make him want to stick around.  When Brew immediately pushed Rick to his hard limit I was rather taken back by this.  I never felt like we were fully aware of what he was doing because he was interested and turned on by Rick, but he claimed it was due to them having a op the following week, so I would have liked to been allowed to see more of Brew’s emotions. 
The ending was shocking and really upset me.  When they made it to the auction things turned very ugly for Rick and he went in with the promise from Brew that he would be safe and a SWAT team was close by, but things became a nightmare.  When we thought we finally saw the true Brew, then all of a sudden things changed again and I was once again left in the dark, then the book ended.
I felt the scene development was good; Rick’s character development was great.  He was funny, charming and sarcastic and I felt he could have been a best friend of mine.  Brew was a mystery but I can see why it was important in this first book that he be that way, but I think we could have had a bit more so the intensity and clarity of the story would have been there.  I did enjoy the book, but with the plot theme and the events in the book, I wished it would have had less legal preparations and more intensity towards the subject of human trafficking and the Russian criminals behind the sex slave trading.  I wanted to feel more fear of the Russians and make even the simplest mistake mean more than what it did in book one. 
Brenda is unlike most authors since she only began writing a few years ago. Her first book Fates, an adult fantasy, was published in 2010. Her love for reading fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary erotic romance has caused her to discard her Bachelor’s degrees in management and marketing in order to write full time. She is an Amazon and ARe best-selling author. Brenda resides in Tampa, FL when not attending conventions and is the Chapter Coordinator for the Tampa Bay O.G.R.E.s, as well as a volunteer with the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She is also an active member in organizing the Florida Leather and Fetish Pride weekend and an associate member of the Tampa Leather Club, as well as their event coordinator for Alt Life Bike Fest. Most recently, she has joined coordinating staff for RainbowCon 2015.
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