15 July 2014

The Face by K.C. Finn

 Continue your journey with detective Caecilius Rex following the events of The Atomic Circus and Counterclockwise!

In the wake of some startling discoveries about those closest to him, the life of young detective Caecilius Rex is about to get a whole lot more complicated. The dark, criminal world around Cae and Kendra is rapidly converging on them, putting them in danger once more and threatening to tear them apart.

This is one of those series, that I really recommend reading it all in one setting.  Why is that? Because each new book just drags you deeper and deeper into the world that Ms. Finn has created. One that includes romance, suspense, action, murder, and just overall greatness.
I am really not a fan of sci-fi type books, but there is just something about this series that is so amazing I can’t put them down. Ms. Finn has written a story that brings you in and keeps you wanting to know more. The amazing cliffhangers that she leaves you with, and yes I said amazing for the simple fact that the series is already released so you can just jump to the next one, are some of the best that I have had the honor of reading. She gives you just the right amount of information that makes you THINK you know what is going on, when in reality you have no clue!
My only complaint with the series so far is that with the main character Caecilius, it goes back and forth between calling him his full name and switching to calling him Cae. At first I thought that there was a reason to that, but even after reading this book, I don’t understand why the switch.  Thankfully though that didn’t detract from my reading and enjoyment of the story because it was overall an amazing book.
I would completely recommend this book and series to anyone who is wanting to give sci-fi a chance because you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!


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