28 July 2014

The Fighter's Secretary by Ann Mayburn

 His prim and proper secretary has a naughty side…

Amanda’s attraction to her boss, former UFC World Champion Dallas Ortega, is off the charts. The bad boy turned successful businessman is hot, smart, and everything she’s ever wanted in a guy. The bad news? He’s also a notorious ladies man. Amanda has no intention of becoming another one of his conquests, but a girl can fantasize…

Dallas can’t believe it when he views a security tape showing Amanda, his classy, elegant secretary, doing very naughty things with one of the BDSM toys he left in his office. He’s been falling for Amanda for months and struggling to keep their relationship professional. Now? He’s going for the win. Dallas isn’t above using a little blackmail and trickery to get his submissive secretary into his bed and, hopefully, get him inside her heart.

I just finished The Fighters Secretary and I must say what a hot read. What you have is Dallas. A retired fighter working now as a business man who is in the market for selling equipment and new gears for fighters. He makes a good living at it too. He has just about everything a man can ask for. Money, cars, beautiful home but what he wants most is Amanda. His secretary. She considers him basically a man whore and to him he agrees but no longer. He wants Amanda bad and knows that she is a commitment type of girl.  He has tried and she turns him down all the time but he has now found a way to "blackmail" her into giving him a shot. His expensive nipple clamps are missing. His security staff sets up a camera and we find out who the culprit is. None other than Amanda but looks can be deceiving.  What he finds out in the tape is that she wants him too.  Now he has a chance to get her. Will she see the error of her ways and following his lead or will she accept the terms and go to jail?  You will have to read and see
Wow, this was a quick sexy read but it packed a lot of punch.  It's sexy, quirky, and fun. I really enjoyed this story and it had me from the get go. I so didn't want to put it down. 
Dallas is a hottie. All the gals want him. He's rich and can get anything he ever could want. But he wants someone that wants him for him. Amanda is that girl but she has seen way too many girls come and go and ultimately doesn't want to get hurt. It's all about taking a risk. You either reap the rewards or you learn from your mistake.  Their banter was hot and sexy and man it just was on fire!!!!
It might be a quick read but it was well worth it. You gotta get it. You will be satisfied. 

The Fighter’s Secretary is a quick and sexy read that is exactly what the name implies, a story about the fighter’s secretary. Amanda has worked for her boss, Dallas, for a year and is well-acquainted with his reputation as a player. As his personal assistant, she is often the one stuck refusing calls from one-night stands and fending off ex-girlfriends. So despite her attraction, she refuses all of his advances because she will not join the legion of notches on his bedposts.

Apparently Amanda is quite convincing in her refusals as Dallas has no clue that his attraction is reciprocated … that is, until she gets caught on camera trying on some rather risqué  jewelry in his office. I have to say that masturbation scenes don’t tend to do much for me, but good gracious that was a hot scene. Were it not for Ms. Mayburn’s use of dual perspectives in this book, I may have been less inclined to like Dallas when he attempted to blackmail Amanda; but access to their inner thoughts made this a non-issue for me and enriched the story quite a bit – especially during the sex scenes. As to be expected, there is a bit of drama and while the party incident was resolved rather quickly (albeit in appropriate timeframe for a novella), it allowed the characters to get the most important part of the story … declaring their love for one another (you thought I was going to say something about sex, didn’t you?).

The Fighter’s Secretary is a steamy little novella that’s perfect for when you’ve got a couple of hours set aside to read. I do recommend that you hole yourself up away from interruptions, otherwise you may be tempted to break out some of Dallas’s UFC moves to punish those who try to pull you away from your reading time. Ms. Mayburn earned her 5 stars from me as I know that I will re-read this book in the future. I must now reprioritize my reading list to move her books closer to the top as I enjoyed her writing style and look forward to reading more of her work.


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