01 August 2014

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When Gabriel Staley rescues a magnificent black wolf, he has no idea that destiny has just turned up the heat and brought him his mate, sexy shapeshifter Mika Blackwell.

Gabriel Staley was used to being an outcast in the small town of Shasta, Texas. More concerned with rescuing stray dogs from a cruel death at the hands of the local Sheriff, Gabe focuses on making a difference and standing up for what he believes is right. Mika Blackwell, a shape shifter who was banned from his pack, is new to the outcast status, and not adjusting very well.

When Gabe heads out to rescue an injured wolf, he has no idea that his life is about to be eternally altered. As Mika watches the man approach him, he feels the universe tilt and realises that, while he may have lost his pack, he's just found what every shifter longs for - his destined mate.

Together, Gabriel and Mika must find their way and fight for their love—from confronting Mika's former pack leader to stopping someone who tries to kill Gabe's best friend, Todd. When Todd's attacker comes after Gabe, Mika is determined to protect his mate at all costs.

I've read a string of contemporary romances in the past week, so Rescued came up in my reading queue at the perfect time; that it is an M/M book just made its timing that much more perfect. This is the first book in the Southwestern Shifters series and it’s an excellent start for the series. Ms. Bradford introduces us to Gabe and Mika, giving them a story that has just a little suspense, a lot of romance, and unbelievable amounts of sexy fun times.

Gabe is an animal lover and has gone to great lengths to save strays from the abusive actions of the local sheriff. This is how he comes to meet Mika - well, Mika as a wolf. Gabe gets a call for a wolf rescue and races to the animal's side in an effort to beat the Sheriff there. Fortunately for Mika, he does. Gabe has a strong reaction to the wolf that he finds very unsettling – and no, we're not talking about a sexual reaction you perv – rather, he gets possessive of the wolf and is distraught when the wolf takes off in the middle of the night. But Mika is drawn to Gabe, so he shows up on Gabe's doorstep the next morning and is forced to tell Gabe about what he is far sooner than he planned, but luckily Gabe's attraction makes him more open-minded to Mika's explanation and the two agree to see what happens. And let me just say that what happens is HOT!!! Mating pheromones and testosterone are a lovely combination for an M/M shifter book.

Ms. Bradford is off to a great start in her Southwestern Shifters series with this book. Mika and Gabe are a sexy couple that made for a very entertaining read as they deal with crazy authority figures, rescuing strays, and their developing relationship. I look forward to reading more by this author and the next book in this series.
A native Texan, Bailey spends her days spinning stories around in her head, which has contributed to more than one incident of tripping over her own feet. Evenings are reserved for pounding away at the keyboard, as are early morning hours. Sleep? Doesn’t happen much. Writing is too much fun, and there are too many characters bouncing about, tapping on Bailey’s brain demanding to be let out. Caffeine and chocolate are permanent fixtures in Bailey’s office and are never far from hand at any given time. Removing either of those necessities from Bailey’s presence can result in what is know as A Very, Very Scary Bailey and is not advised under any circumstances.

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