02 November 2014

Between the Raindrops by Tina Kay

 Thanks to his psychotic ex-boyfriend, Chris avoids the heck out of relationships and keeps mostly to himself. Sure, he works as an escort, but that's perfect, just about as much companionship as he can take -- or fake. So when he finds himself driving to an appointment in a hurricane, the last thing he's expecting is to make a real connection, at the wrong house, with someone who isn't even a client, no less.

Jay's a beautiful guy with a beautiful heart, but he's blinded to his own appeal by his insecurities. The passion he shares with Chris feels real, but Chris has his own issues that make Jay doubt they've shared anything more than shelter from a storm.

It's not until Peter, Chris's ex, shows up and sets his sights on Jay that the two chance lovers start to push the past out of the way. But can Chris keep Peter from breaking his heart again, and ruining his chance at love between the raindrops?
Between the Raindrops was an entertaining read for me. Prior to signing up to review this book, I read the excerpt on the publisher’s site and I was hooked. The idea of a male escort arriving at the wrong address in the middle of a storm and ending up being the white knight in shining armor because he saved someone from having to ride out an anxiety-producing storm alone and THAT serving as the basis for a potential relationship … well I could not wait to get my hands on it. Fortunately, Ms. Kay did not disappoint me.

Despite the aforementioned night being the best Chris has had in years, in spite of the weather, he could not convince himself to call Jay. On the contrary, he convinced himself that as an escort he was not good enough for Jay. However, when Chris runs into Jay at a nightclub with Chris’s ex, Peter, he cannot help but reinsert himself into Jay’s life in hopes of protecting Jay from Peter. What follows is a sweet, funny, sexy and slightly suspenseful tale as Chris and Jay decide whether or not they want to pursue a relationship with one another, just how far they are willing to go and what sacrifices they’re willing to make for it to be successful.

I absolutely adored Chris and Jay and was so glad when they finally decided to give it a go – basically when Chris stopped devaluing himself and started trusting Jay to know what Jay wanted in a guy. They complemented one another so well. Jay’s innocence and love helped Chris realize that he wanted more out of life and gave him the reason he needed to pursue it. While Chris’s attraction and love gave Jay the confidence he needed to move forward in life and expect more from Chris. Peter was a wonderfully executed creepy-ex-boyfriend/stalker character who gave me a bad case of heebie-jeebies, especially at the end of the book. I was extremely happy with the way Between the Raindrops ended and look forward to reading more of Ms. Kay’s work.

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