04 November 2014

Embracing Her Desires by Lynne St. James

 In book one of Anamchara: Hope Brooks receives a certified letter that could possibly change everything she has worked hard for her whole adult life.

Jason “Jase” Pierce and Cooper Maxwell, III are best friends and so much more. They’ve always known they were destined to share a mate—they’re just getting tired of waiting for her to show up.

Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is the magical town of Anamchara where all their fates lay. Secrets will be revealed and choices will have to be made. Will Hope, Jase, and Cooper be able to overcome all of the obstacles to find forever with each other? Or will past hurts catch up and destroy what was put into place hundreds of years ago.
I am so glad this is the first book in a series because I absolutely fell in love with this world and all the characters in it.  Jase and Cooper are like two sides to a coin.  Jase is the rugged and down to earth bar owner while Cooper is the polished and proper lawyer.  Jase has a quick temper while Cooper seems to take things in before making any rash decisions.  Hope seems to balance them.  While she can be emotional and impulsive at times she tends to make very educated and well-thought out decisions. 

The whole town of Anamchara is idyllic and picturesque and I was enamored immediately.  The ending was amazing in my opinion, but the epilogue was frustrating!  I need the next book now! The ending was a very tantalizing cliffhanger and I am desperate to know what happens to these characters next.  I am very excited to watch both the relationship between the main characters and Hope’s powers continue to grow.  An awesome first book and can’t wait for the next one.


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