07 November 2014

Embracing Her Surrender by Lynne St. James

 In book two of Anamchara: Kristy Larson was sent to Anamchara on a secret mission—locate the ancient evil threatening the town and extinguish it. She struggles with fitting in while the sheriff hounds her at every turn. To make matters worse, she finds herself drawn to the arrogant, stubborn wolf who is on the fast track of capturing her heart.

Jeremy Pierce, sheriff and Alpha of the Blue Ridge Pack, has been fighting his own demons for over thirty years. Blaming himself for the murder of a friend, he left Anamchara to forget. When called back to fulfill his birthright, he focused on one thing—keeping the people of Anamchara safe. In his mind, one woman threatens their safety. Suspicions rule his judgment, but it doesn't keep his feelings from growing for the woman.

Will Kristy be able to complete her mission to free the town of evil and finally live her life? Will Jeremy be able to overlook his suspicions and open his heart to Kristy before it’s too late? Or does the evil win this round, causing the town of Anamchara to suffer a great loss.
This is the second book in Ms. St. James’ Anamchara series and I was really excited that Hope, Jase and Cooper had a large role in this book along with the main characters Jeremy and Kristy.  I really liked Kristy in the first book and I was glad that she was getting her own chance to find her soul mate. 

Jeremy is the town Sheriff and werewolf pack Alpha and due to what he sees as a past failure doesn’t think he will be able to fulfill his duties and deserve the love of a mate.  I loved watching Kristy’s compassion, caring, stubbornness and snarky attitude melt the resolve of Jeremy.

Just as in the first book the end of this book is full of startling revelations.  I am really enjoying all of the characters and trying to figure out all of the secrets before they are revealed but I wish that there was more time after the revelations for us to get to know the characters in their “enlightened” roles.  Even with a short epilogue I was left wanting a little more insight into their lives.  I am anxiously awaiting the next book and hoping I will get some more romance mixed into the mystery and action.


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