23 November 2014

Golden Change by Lynn B. Davidson

 Kylie Duncan has had difficulty adjusting to living on a sexually permissive planet with her husband Aiden, but her hardest challenge is yet to come. Aiden found love in the most unexpected place when he broke his planet's traditions and married a woman from Earth.

When he informs her that he wants them to host a young man to live with them, for what he calls a “golden change,” she doesn’t hesitate. When she learns the young man will change physically, resulting from their sexual relationship with him she is shocked.

Jacob Hayden finds the couple intriguing and is surprised when he realizes that he is falling in love with Kylie and Aiden.

On this strange planet, will Kylie open herself to the possibility of loving more than one man, will Aiden allow his heart to be open to another person, and will Jacob find that the love he feels for them will overcome his societies prejudice?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance
“You must accept my golden cum for the next nine months if you hope to finish your transformation.” Sounds like a cheesy pickup line from a bad porno, right? And it’s just one of the many reasons why I enjoy sci-fi erotica. What would get a man slapped or beat down in a contemporary romance just serves to set the stage for the extremely erotically charged story of human Kylie and her Zehavian husband Aiden as they host an internship for Jacob, a young Zehavian cadet, and assist him through his transition from the silver of his youth to the gold that marks a Zehavian male as a man.

And yes indeedy, Jacob accepts Aiden’s golden cum at least once daily – but more when circumstances allow. But don’t go thinking that Kylie is left out of the action. Oh no, not at all! Jacob might be getting it from Aiden daily, but it is Kylie who is the one able to accept Jacob’s silver cum – and accept it she does. As the internship lasts for a minimum of nine months, there is plenty of sex to go around – M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, and even an F/F scene. Because the Zehavian people are not shy, exhibitionism abounds in the Golden Change and it is hot.

But amidst all the squirm inducing sex scenes, I was also treated to a wonderfully written romance as I got to not only see the bond between Aiden and Kylie, but also the relationship that develops between the three of them. On a world in which humans are often viewed as second-class citizens, Aiden’s marriage to Kylie is the exception to the rule. While there are Zehavian men involved with human women, the women are usually kept as mistresses. But Aiden’s actions and protectiveness show just how much he loves Kylie and insures that the decisions to be made that impact her are made with her input – such as accepting an intern and who to accept. It was also apparent as Jacob began to model Aiden’s behavior as Kylie became just as important to him as she was to Aiden. I believe what impressed me most was the way in which Jacob’s grandmother, Victoria, not only accepted Kylie but credited her for her grandson’s transition, explaining to Kylie that while yes it was Aiden’s golden cum that helped Jacob turn gold, it was Kylie’s care that helped Jacob achieve his beautiful sheen. Admittedly, from the outside the book’s description may sound a bit far-fetched, even for sci-fi erotica, but if you’re a fan of the genre or just enjoy reading erotica, I recommend it because Ms. Davidson has delivered a book that is heavy on the erotica and the romance. AND it’s the first book in the series, so there’s more to come … no pun intended!!!


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