07 November 2014

Hesitant Heart by Morticia Knight

 Sam is a naïve young man who arrives in Hollywood to escape his brutal father. When the older, sophisticated Aaron rescues him, Sam discovers what it means to fully surrender himself to another.

Eighteen year-old Sam Cunningham is used to living with lots of secrets. He’s had to hide his true nature his entire life or else incur the wrath of his strict and abusive father. When he’s faced with a horrible ultimatum, he flees to Hollywood where he hopes he can escape the fate his father has planned for him.

Aaron Rubenstein is a wealthy and sophisticated man who loses himself in painting portraits of bound men to help stave off his loneliness and despair. Unable to find a lasting connection with anyone, he’s had to resort to paying lovers not only for their affections, but to be allowed to indulge in his darker passions. Aaron’s only respite is his nights at the Hampton Road sadomasochism club where he’s a respected Dominant.

Naïve and inexperienced in the ways men can please one another, Sam takes a job at a bathhouse where he first glimpses a beautiful older man. Aaron notices the sweet towel boy watching him with interest every time he patronizes the Temple of Eros bathhouse. A traumatic incident for the innocent towel boy triggers Aaron’s protective tendencies and he’s compelled to rescue the gentle Sam from the clutches of the Temple’s manager.

They embark on a journey together that teaches them both things about themselves that they never knew. As their bond deepens and Sam is trained for his first night at the Hampton Road Club, an unknown danger lurks. Will Sam’s father find him and destroy both men’s chance for true happiness together? Or will Aaron protect his boy and keep him for always?

Reader advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.
Firstly, I do want to say that I really enjoyed this book and I think that it’s a great start to The Hampton Road Club.  I do really like how Ms. Knight is starting another series in the 1920s because there aren’t a lot of books like that out there and Ms. Knight does a great job with them. 

I thought the storyline was really interesting as well; it kept me interested and turning the pages.  I really wanted to find out what was going to happen between Sam and Aaron.  There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat and left me wondering just what was going to happen next. 

I do think that Ms. Knight did a really good job at balancing the D/s relationship between the two main characters.  It didn’t overtake the book, but it added to it the overall story and relationship between the two men.

There were really only 2 things that I didn’t enjoy that much with this book.  The first was Sam’s character while he is an innocent person; there were times where that innocence seemed to go a bit further than what I thought it would.  The second thing was that the Club didn’t play as big of a roll in the story as I thought it would.  I hope that in the future books the club will play a bigger part in the books.


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