11 November 2014

Trapped Under Ice by M.J. Schiller

 Rock star Chad Evans's tortured past hides just beneath the surface. Even fans screaming out his name in ecstasy can't drown out the screams of his childhood. He can usually keep it under control, but not always. Tonight the alcohol doesn't seem to soothe. Part of the crowd, Beth Donovan smiles, really enjoying herself for a change. But her smile isn't usually this bright. It is the kind of smile that masks sorrow. Three years just isn't long enough to get over losing Paul. When a vicious attack behind stage brings this unlikely pair together, something changes inside of them both. But can a jet-setting superstar and a Midwestern lunch lady ever manage a real relationship? And even if they can, will the person sending Chad death threats take it all away? Or is it their fate to remain forever trapped under ice?
I always appreciate an older heroine in a romance!  Beth is a 37 year old widow who is trying to deal with being a single mother to 16 year old Cassie.  Chad is the passionate lead singer of a rock group “Trapped Under Ice”. Beth and Cassie attend a Trapped Under Ice concert where fate brings Beth and Chad together.  The attraction is instant, but Chad has an abusive past and deals with anger issues, while Beth has a hard time trusting.  Can they get over their own issues in order to explore the passion that is so explosive between them?
My biggest issue with this book is the whole insta-love thing.  It moved a bit too quickly for me in that department.  I appreciate that Chad and Beth both had issues they were trying to work through in order to give their relationship a shot, but it seemed to be that the foundation of the attraction between the two characters was lacking something.  I find it hard to get into the chemistry between the characters when it happens so quickly. 
I did like the characters by themselves though.  They were complicated and original for this genre, and I appreciated that.  I also liked that Chad had this big, bad reputation but Beth brought out the softie in him.  He was pretty swoon worthy.  I also liked that both Chad and Beth, while imperfect, were adults and acted as such.  I am a bit over the teenage/college age drama and it’s nice to read about mature people navigating complicated lives.
Overall, I thought this book was just ok.  There were things about it I liked, things I didn’t, but at the end of the day it kept me reading and I finished it.  3.5 stars.


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