17 January 2015

A Perfect Partnership Release Day!

Josiah Jefferson left the polygamist community he grew up in to make a new home in Corbin's Bend and to find the one woman he could love and spank for the rest of his life. He never expects to find her during his first week, but when a summer storm brings Lannea Paulsen, the town's beloved sushi chef into his life, he sees it as fate and never looks back.
Lannea Paulsen, better known as Laney to everyone but the stubborn Josiah, has had two goals since she moved to Corbin's Bend last year with her cousin. She wants to save enough money to buy half of The Ginger Paddle, the sushi resteraunt she runs with her cousin, Ginger, and to find a strong dominant man who is willing and ready to take her in hand in every way possible. The trouble is whenever she gets close to getting either of those things, she panics and finds some way to self- sabotage.

When Laney puts the business in jeopardy, Josiah comes to the rescue, and the two of them end up in a tumultuous platonic DD relationship. Both of them want more, but neither is willing to admit it. Will they settle for less than they desire or will they chase after everything they have ever wanted. When Laney is seconds away from everything she has ever wanted, will she panic and run away? 
I’ve read a couple books by Ms. Jamison in the past, and she most certainly does have a different writing style.  But for some reason, I have seemed to enjoy it and I couldn’t wait to jump into this story. 
Now, one thing that I did enjoy about this book was that she brought characters from her other series into it.  (Don’t worry, you don’t have to read those books in order to read this one, but for those of us who have read them, it was really cool!)
But back to this story, I really thought that it was a great how Ms. Jamison was able to make a character, Laney, who would normally fall behind the scenes with a character like Ginger, such a great spotlight.  Usually it’s not the hiding characters who make such an impact, but that wasn’t the case with Laney.  She totally blew me away and left me wanting for more. 
Josiah’s character was really cute, I did love the innocence that he had about him.  But, it was done in a way that he wasn’t so innocent that it wasn’t enjoyable for me personally.  I think that Ms. Jamison did a really good job overall, and I was left wanting for more.
But the problem that I had, was that I was left wanting for more from Ginger’s character more than Laney.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Laney, but near the end, I wanted to find out what the deal was with Ginger.  I have my fingers crossed that we will get to find out more about that in the future!
One thing I have noticed since embracing the spanko side of my nature, is that I am more apt to be naturally drawn to people with the same tendencies. Once I was open with myself, and those closest to me, I began to notice hints and traits in others. Is it because of some vibe I give off now that allows people to sense a kindred spirit?
On the same end, I notice things about people that always make me wonder. A friend might make a comment, about rules, or being in trouble that gets me curious. Other times it will be an action, such as a slap on the butt, or a quick little gesture. It could be a saying I recognize, or a picture or spanking related joke that they post, but I am definitely always on alert when it comes to sensing a kindred soul.
In my book A Perfect Partnership, there is an exchange between Laney and a delivery guy that makes me wonder. Many of the Corbin’s Bend residents think Danny is a secret spanko, but Laney thinks he is just a friendly and funny guy. Me? I think there may be a story in Danny’s future. What do you think?
“Shit, shit shit!” Lannea cursed under her breath as she pulled up in front of The Ginger Paddle at half past nine, just in time to see the delivery truck pull away with this weekend supplies still in the back. “Crappity Crap Crap!” she fumed, digging her phone out of her purse and hastily dialing up Danny, the delivery driver, hoping to catch him before he got out of Corbin’s Bend.
It took a few tears and some major ass kissing, but she was eventually able to convince him to turn around and come back with her supply of fish for the weekend. It was a good thing too, because Ginger would have killed her if they had missed the shipment. Laney had been out late last night, at Josiah’s until after midnight, and had completely forgotten her cousin’s ob appointment this morning. Normally Ginger would have been the one to meet the truck, but since she was busy, the task had fallen to Laney, and of course she had failed…almost.
She unlocked the door and rushed to the kitchen to begin prep while she waited for Danny to show up.  He was the main supplier for a few other restaurants in Corbin’s Bend as well, and he was probably hitting them up first. It would make the lunch rush even more stressful than usual, but she couldn’t complain too much because that little fact was probably the only thing that had saved her ass.
She chopped veggies and sliced avocados, made a twenty pound batch of rice, and was checking her ginger stash when she heard the bell on the door indicate Danny’s arrival.
“Hey Princess,” he called out as he entered. Princess was Danny’s pet name for her. She didn’t like it much, but she did like him so she let it slide. “Where’s the Ginger Queen today?” Danny had a nickname for everyone.
“Doctors appointment,” Laney told him, coming around to help him unload.
“Lucky for you. You know she would have killed you on this one, right?” Danny was in his early twenties with surfer blonde locks, and an easy smile that matched his sense of humor. Laney liked him a lot, and knew he meant no harm. He just called things as he saw them.
“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Laney groaned punching him in the arm.
“Just admit it- I saved your ass, probably literally this time. If you had missed me, I think she might have auctioned off spanking rights to the highest bidder and hired someone to bust your tail!”
Danny didn’t live in the Bend, but he was well aware of the community’s kink and lifestyle preference, and he loved to make spanking jokes.  For the most part, they wouldn’t have appreciated the things he said, coming from an outsider, but when Danny said it, it was all in good fun, and everyone knew he meant no harm. Brent swore Danny was a closet spanko who would someday make a home here in Corbin’s Bend. Laney sometimes wondered if he was right, but mostly she thought Danny was just the type of friendly guy who could joke about anything and make friends with anyone.
“Perish the thought!” she told him, signing off on the shipment.
“Yeah, just another reason to be glad you don’t have a man in your life, or you would probably have a real barn burner coming!” Laney glared at him, as he backed out of the door and he threw his hands up in a gesture of surrender. “I’m just saying- it wasn’t the first time!”
Laney went white as the weight of Danny’s words hit her like a ton of bricks. She did have a man in her life, or a pseudo one at least, and this kind of thing was at the top of the list she had given him on behaviors she wanted his help with.
Rayanna Jamison is a happily married mother of two in her mid-thirties. She grew up in the PNW, but recently made a big life change and moved to the southwest.  Part of that life change included getting back to her first love: writing.
Rayanna has been writing since she was able, and always dreamed of being an author growing up. She never thought she would write spanking romance, but she loves to read it, so why not?
When she is not writing, (which is much too often) Rayanna enjoys spending time with her family and dear friends, cooking, playing games, reading and exploring her new area.
Her favorite things in life besides her husband and kids are good friends, good food, and good wine. Her passions tend to be evident in the stories she writes.
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  1. Thank you for the awesome review! And yes, if you check out Corbin's Bend blog, Season 3 books have been announced, and Ginger's story is among them.