23 January 2015

Call Of The Dragon (Return to Avalore, #1) by Elianne Adams

 Rhia Atkinson is a woman on the run. The same vicious creatures that killed her mother four years ago are still on the hunt, and she’s the prey. She thought she’d come to terms with her solitary existence until Drake comes along, reigniting her dreams of family and belonging. His tall tales of a missing queen and the looming extinction of a race of people she never knew existed has her agreeing to go on a journey to Avalore. Traditions as old as time stand in her way as she tries to convince Drake that he’s her choice for a mate. With the enemy breathing down her neck, all she has to do is figure out a way to make it work before she ends up joined to some stranger, or worse, dead.

Drake Sperwell has spent years searching for one woman, the Queen of Avalore. Time is running out. With the survival of their entire species hanging in the balance, failure is not an option. When he finds her deep in battle in New York City, all his prayers are answered. What he didn’t count on was his reaction to the woman, or his dragon’s need to claim her as its mate. Denying their chemistry might just kill him, but she’s off limits. Her destiny lies with her true mate in Avalore.
This is a really interesting with a ton of different elements in play.  You are thrown into the action from the very first page and the drama doesn’t let up until the end.  Even though there isn’t a prologue or anything to set up the story I was never lost or confused.  This book does an excellent job of setting up a new world and explaining any elements that are original to the world.

The heroine, Rhia, is just amazing.  She is so strong and independent and fights for her own happiness no matter the cost.  It was so refreshing to read about a strong female character that did not need a man to solve her problems for her.  I was fascinated by the magic and fantasy elements in this book and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what else this author has to show us in the amazing world of Avalore.


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