12 January 2015

My Cowboy Homecoming by Z.A. Maxfield

 Love can heal the deepest wounds…

A sense of duty brings a soldier home…but a passionate cowboy makes him want to stay.

After his brother’s tragic death, Tripp has to leave the army and return to New Mexico to take care of his mother while his father is in prison for arson. Seeking work at the J-Bar Ranch, Tripp is immediately drawn to injured cowboy Lucho Reyes, whose foot was accidentally crushed by a rescue horse. But will the sins of the father interfere with the desires of the son? Tripp’s father may be responsible for the death of Lucho’s grandfather. Now Tripp must balance caring for his mother, repairing his father’s damages, and trying to win the heart of a man who has every reason to hate him and his family…
This is the third book in the cowboy series, but can be read as stand alone. I’ve not read the other two and was not lost at all.

This is a story about Calvin Tripplehorn and Lucho. Tripp has just left the Army on a medical discharge and is heading home to look after his mother. Finding out that his father is in prison and his younger brother is dead. Lucho, Luis, works at a ranch close to Tripp’s mother’s small family spread and has just been injured by a rescue horse.

When Tripp arrives home he quickly realize his mother, who has always been kind of vacant when it comes to the real world has just been throwing the bills in his father’s desk draw. Not paying anything, or letting Tripp’s father lawyer, Slade, take care of everything. This is a situation that Tripp wants to quickly rectify. Tripp and his father have hated each other since Tripp was fourteen so Tripp doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone linked to his father. So when his mother tells him she has found him a job at a local ranch, he jumps on it.  Lucho, a ranch hand something of a horse expert has just been injured and will be out of commission for about 6 wks. So Tripp is given the job, under guidelines.  One being him and Lucho must get along. Can they put Tripp’s heritage behind them? Can Tripp fix the mess he just walked into or just keep running?

This was my first Z.A. Maxfield book, and I went in wanting to love it! These have been on my TBR list for forever.  And I did really enjoy it, but I wasn’t head over heels. I enjoyed that Lucho made Tripp work for him, but during his medicated times, let his guard down. And you saw the true feelings before, Lucho wanted you to. I liked the nickname bit, cute! I not only the chemistry between the two MC’s but all the ranch hands.  The most annoying thing was the inner dialog Tripp did, normally that is done italicized so you know it’s happening, but it wasn’t so I found myself as lost as the other character when it happened. The end, without letting any spoilers that’s the last thing I expected the mother to do?!  Just can’t picture it. Couldn’t get an exact age of either MC – 23-26, but at times talked, acted younger. 


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