18 January 2015

Never a Gentleman by Heather Boyd

 Victor Knight has never been able to juggle his work and love life to anyone’s satisfaction. A hardworking investment banker in London, he’s obsessed with maintaining his clients’ privacy and profits, and cannot understand why those same clients are withdrawing funds when he’s making them a good profit. When a dull evening supper at the Hunt Club ends in a blunt invitation to have sex with the Earl of Beecroft, he welcomes the distraction on the proviso they never discuss his business affairs.

Daniel Wellham, the Earl of Beecroft, has long admired Victor Knight. He even understands and admires the banker’s preoccupation with work. Their night together is everything he hoped it would be and while he longs for permanence, his secret life as a spy means he can never reveal too much of his own history. Unfortunately, when he realizes that all is not right in Victor’s life, those promises he made to keep his nose out of the banker’s business means he cannot offer to help or explain that his latest mission might take him away forever. How can love and trust be possible when duty and responsibility prevent total honesty?
Even though this is book 5 they can be read as stand alone. I’ve only read books 1 and 2 and didn’t feel lost at all.
 Victor Knight a banker in London and a member of the Hunt Club and The Earl of Beecroft, Daniel Wellham also a member as well as a spy for The Crown. Although like the other books we do have a number of secondary characters that help the story unfold. 
Victor is not having a good last few days, week. He keeps losing clients and he’s not sure why. Sitting at the club having dinner looking over he’s banking paper’s he’s old lover, Lord Hambly approaches. And once again Victor has to remind him they are over, Hambly will not take no for an answer telling him that he is his. After Hambly leaves Beecroft joins Victor and suggests that they ‘ease their mutual tension’ in one of the rooms provided. After one night together, they both quickly realize it will never be enough. But forces are working against them; will love and common sense shine through?
I just love the regency period MM books, and you throw in a spy, who done it! I’m hooked. At 100 pages this is a quick read and catching on to the Who done part and why is pretty quickly, it’s still a great evening before bed read. I will be going back and finishing up the rest of the series.


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