13 January 2015

Renounced by Bailey Bradford

 Nothing is as simple as it seems, or as safe.

Dallas Smith just wanted a nap in the hammock but he ends up being abducted by a jaguar shifter named Tiago. They have a distinctly different take on several subjects, and Dallas is shocked to learn just what Tiago really is.

Tiago thinks the wolves in the rainforest are an invasive species that need to leave.

Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the rainforest that no one saw coming. Marcus Criswell has had more losses in the past year or so than he can deal with. He has to, though, because he’s the Alpha Anax of the North American packs. The only reason he’s in South America is because his guard was kidnapped, but now Keegan is safe.

There’s still the matter of the man who tried to abduct Keegan. He can’t go unpunished. Then another shifter goes missing. Dallas, gone from the hammock in a heartbeat.

And on top of that, Maarten is missing.

It just got hotter than hell in Brazil.
This series holds a very special spot in my readers heart, and you can guarantee that I will be reading the new releases as soon as possible.  This release wasn’t an exception, as soon as possible, I grabbed it up and I couldn’t put it down once I had started it!

As with many series that have multiple books, at some point they seem to start repeating themselves.  One thing that I do admire about Ms. Bradford’s stories is that there is something completely different about each one that makes it stand out from the others.  In this case?  There were 2 things that made it stand out, and I loved both of them.

I completely LOVED Dallas’s character, just because he was so out there you couldn’t help but love him.  But I also loved Tiago because he had this strong sense of … I don’t really know how to word it.  I thought it was great that Ms. Bradford had him going through his fears during the story because that added a whole new level of twists and turns that just made it that much greater!

I also liked how Ms. Bradford added the factor of panther’s into the mix as well.  I think that it opened this series up to a new level and will definitely keep me interested and wanting to read more!

And another thing that I love, is that even though this is book 10 in the series, you don’t have to read them in order.  With how long it has been since I read book 9, I was very pleased to realize that I wasn’t lost and was able to keep up with the story.


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