16 January 2015

Shadow's Pleasure Tour Stop!

Tour: Shadow’s Pleasure by Molle McGregor 
Brought together by circumstance. Bound together by chance. Despite the danger, passions ignite...
Sequestered for over ten years and manipulated by those that were supposed to love and protect her, Sorcha wants nothing more than her freedom. When her childhood friend and two other Shadows are kidnapped and held by a sadistic Director hell-bent on changing the very nature of their existence, Sorcha knows it’s past time to escape. With the help of the sinfully sexy Kiernan Black, she finally gains her independence, but the depths of her passion for the Warder may be more dangerous than the mission to save her friends.

As a Warder, Kiernan Black has never turned his back on an innocent. So when one of his own is working with a demon to brutalize innocent Shadows, he knows he must save them. With the beautiful, brave, and infuriatingly stubborn Sorcha Davis as his partner, he embarks on what might be the most dangerous mission of his life. But if he can find a way to make the fiery Shadow his along the way, the rewards could outweigh the risks.
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I suspected things were going to heat up between Kiernan and Sorcha just based off the way the Warder stared at Sorcha the first time they met but I wasn’t prepared for the level of heat that happened in this book. Smoking hot takes on a whole other meaning in this story. Grab your bottled water, a fan and a fire extinguisher because things are heating up in the Shadow Warder world.

Kiernan is as charming as charming gets but he’s also honest, respectful and kind. His charm doesn’t come from a place of insincerity and he’s made it clear to all the women he’s hooks up with that he respects them but he’s not interested in anything serious. Settling down just doesn’t seem to be in his cards until he meets Sorcha. The Warder who gets a kick out of playing with fire and making things explode isn’t prepared for the fiery Sorcha and the way she makes him feel but once he let’s his emotions and mind settle into the reality of what is happening between the two of them he’s determined to make sure she doesn’t walk away.

Sorcha is tired of being told what to do and having her life controlled by others. She’s felt trapped for far too long. With her friends missing she sees this as an opportunity to help them as well as grab onto her freedom. She’s not sure what to think of the charming Warder Kiernan but working with him to find her friends is the best alternative she’s got. The more she gets to know the devastatingly handsome warrior the more she realizes just how much she wants him. Sorcha decides to let lust runs its course and have some fun in bed with Kiernan. A few nights of passion isn’t going to hurt but what she doesn’t expect or want is for that lust to turn into something far more meaningful. Yes, Kiernan is everything she could have ever asked for in a mate. He’s kind, charming, smart, sexy, valiant, caring, loyal, fun and strong but she wants the ability to choose her fate and not have it decided by a magical bond she doesn’t have power over.

What I like about The Shadow Warder series is how Molle McGregor builds the romances between the characters. Yes, they are attracted to one another from the beginning but there is a development in their relationships first as friends and partners before the romance and sex come into play. With that build up we get a romance story that connects to a bigger picture allowing for the introduction of new types of supernatural beings like the Mysterium and the Delectavi and revelations involving new tidbits of information and twists and turns in the plotline.

I enjoyed this second book. It was exciting and with so much going on in the story I assume that means there will be MANY more books to come in this series! Hopefully, one day we will get a book about MY Zach. Yeah, I’m claiming him as mine. If you have yet to name his potential mate Molle McGregor I’m putting the suggestion out there for the name Joy. 

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HeadshotRevised2-150x150Molle’s writing career started when she was seven and suffered terrible insomnia. Night after night she couldn’t sleep until long after mid-night, only to wake a few hours later. Frustrated with her inability to just go to bed, (and her penchant for sneaking a book and a flashlight under the covers) her grandmother said, “You like to read so much, why don’t you tell yourself a story until you fall asleep.” With this brilliant advice, Molle’s overactive brain was off and running. Now, years later, she’s finally taught herself to sleep, but she’s never stopped telling stories. When she’s not reading, writing, or staring into space making things up, Molle is getting into trouble with her husband, two sons, two dogs and vicious attack cat in the mountains of North Carolina. She likes to hike, cook, listen to music way too loud, and hang out with her boys. She does not like dusting or emptying the dishwasher.


  1. Thanks for hosting Shadow's Pleasure! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    No promises, but it just so happens that Zach's heroine is nameless. But hold on a sec while I go to my planning doc....And I'm back, with Joy at the top of the list as a potential name :)

  2. OH MY *in George Takei voice* Did I just read Joy has been added to the top of the list?!?!

    I'm going to now go run around my house squealing and giggling with excitement.

    Can't wait to read the next book Molle!

  3. Yep, Joy is at the top of the list. Seriously! You have a beautiful name. And I think Zach is going to need a little joy in his life (pun completely intended) by the time he gets his book. I'll keep you posted :)