10 February 2015

Rougaroux Social Club Spotlight #2!

After spending a hot, no-holds-barred sex-filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark, werewolf Bobby Cotteau isn’t sure but he thinks he’s found a new mate. Problem is he never got his lover’s real name. Or his phone number, or even where he lives. But that’s not Bobby’s only problem.

Mark is Professor Mark Bradford, and he’s spent his career as a zoologist trying to prove there are wolves living in the swamps around St. Jerome. If he can do this, he’ll make a name for himself, restore his reputation and maybe even name them after his father, who was killed by a wolf during a camping trip in the swamp with a teenaged Mark. But after a weekend of the best sex of his life, Mark’s fallen hard for Bobby, but without the man’s real name, he has no hopes of ever seeing him again. And the longer they’re apart, the more desperate he is to find Bobby. It’s like he’s under some kind of spell.

Meanwhile, at the Rougaroux Social Club’s yearly Rugarou Festival, which Bobby is in charge of, everything is falling apart. The forecast is for storms, the Virgin Mary has appeared a tree on the festival grounds at the church, pilgrims are swarming, and beer is being sold... and his new mate is about to expose Bobby’s pack to the world.
MsoNormal"> This is book three in the series, and even though I’m reading in order I do feel you should as well. There is a lot of overlap between characters and plots. Although the author does a pretty good job giving you a back story if you decide you don’t want to read one.
This one mainly focuses on Bobby, the retired sheriff and pack leader; he’s early fifties and lost his wife three years ago. The way this works, once a mated wolf loses his mate they slowly start dying unless they find another. Bobby has always been gay, well at least the man, but the wolf decided to mate with a women. Now that she is gone, he has decided to try to do what he has been denying himself for thirty years. He heads to a bar in a town a couple of hours away in hopes to satisfy this itch. Mark, a prof. at the local university happens to have the same itch and spots Bobby, buys a him a drink and they start what they both want, which is a down and dirty weekend. Unfortunately, things don’t work out according to plan.

I loved Bobby’s story! I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t shy away from the age factor. And that we also found him a nice normally aged person to fall in love with him. No way would our Bobby go for someone half his age. I loved that he had to stand by his principals no matter what and didn’t just flip a switch and change personalities just too hold onto Mark.  I enjoyed Mark, and knowing that this deep dark secret has been festering for so long and finally he lets it out only to be crushed. But yet because both characters are mature enough they can work through all this. And then all the normal suspects are still there, causing havoc. 
It’s been nearly a year since Scott and Ted set up house together in St. Jerome. Life is good. Ted is trying to get his PI business off the ground with the occasional job and still painting for the gallery. Scott is alpha of the pack and sheriff of St. Jerome.

But Scott’s mother, Darlene Dupree, is not content. She wants grandkids and she wants them now. Taking matters into her own hands, Maman, as Scott and Ted call her, works her magic in the middle of the night next to the bayou.

Before Scott and Ted know it, they’re saddled with two boys. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if someone in the pack would take them in. But no one steps forward to claim them and Scott and Ted are left with a terrible choice, take in the kids themselves or give them up to CPS, where the boys can’t hide what they are – werewolves.

It’s the wrong time and the wrong kids. But the first rule of the pack is to protect the pack and there is no other choice to make.
This is book four in the series, and the last one I have. And should probably the last of the series, not sure where else we could go? Once again, there is a lot of overlap between characters and plots so reading in order would be best. Especially with this one because it ties back to the first book same main two MC.

We are back to Ted and Scott this time, well into a developed loving relationship, but Scott’s mum wants Grandkids so she is at her ‘praying’ again. When a tragic accident happened leaving two young boys, pups without parents, because no one else wants the boys, Ted and Scott take them in just until a more Permanente home can be found. But not everyone in the pack is happy about a gay couple raising the boys and with one of them about to go through the first wolf change, things are not nice and quiet liked they both hoped it would be.

So over all I loved this series, obviously every book got a five! And I really hope this is the final one that just rounds it out. Everything feels settled Scott and his mum got the grandkids they had hoped for.  Ted’s PI business is picking up and he’s starting to take on painting students.  Mark and Bobby are settled in a comfortable relationship and even Billy and Peter and doing fine. I did read all these books back to back, and even if the reviews weren’t due that way I would have anyway. I just wanted to keep going on with the lives of the people in St. Jerome, but now we can put them to rest. Thank you, Ms. Lorenz!


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