25 March 2015

Her Son's Best Friend by Mrs. Jones

 Samantha Cain wasn’t looking for love. A successful realtor and mother to a son, David, who is about to head off to college, this single mom has played the dating game and hated every disastrous encounter with men her own age. Now, with her 40th birthday only a week away, Samantha knows she’s content with her busy career and comfortable existence. That is until the day David’s best friend Scott unexpectedly awakens something in Samantha.

Despite being the high school quarterback, Scott is not only nervous and awkward around Samantha, but as the feelings between them swiftly escalate, the popular 18-year-old footballer confesses to Samantha that he is a virgin… And that she is the only woman he has ever wanted.

Is Samantha willing to pay the price for loving a young man more than half her age? Is this passion the kind that can possibly last? And what will happen if and when David finally discovers that his mother is in love with… Her Son’s Best Friend?
Helllllloooooooo taboo romance!  How can you not want to read a book about forbidden romance written by someone who goes by “Mrs. Jones”?  You know it’s going to be good.  Right, Mrs. Robinson?

So, Scott is a popular senior in high school.  Quarterback of the football team and generally a good kid, his best friend David’s mother is the only woman he’s ever seriously desired.  Plus, he’s a virgin and is pretty sure that she’s the only woman he wants to give his first time to.  Samantha, David’s mother, is 40 and single. She’s sick of dating men in her age group because it’s basically been a disaster for her.  When she finds out about Scott’s attraction to her and realizes her feelings are strong as well, will she take the chance?

Ok, obviously you have to look past a few things here.  Like the fact that Scott is a good looking and athletic teenage boy but is somehow a virgin.  A virgin who has the composure to go after a 40 year old woman.  I just went with it.  Being a mother myself, I did go a bit outside of my comfort zone in this one…but that’s what taboo romance is all about, huh?  At least Scott was a legal adult, right?  The flashbacks were also a bit of a stretch for me, mostly because of the kid’s dialogue.  I have a six year old and I can’t imagine her saying some of the things David does.  But…I got over it.

This is a pretty short story but I thought it was done well.  The romance aspect of it was believable and more importantly the sexy scenes were…sexy.  Not to mention that there’s drama, which is always fun to read about.  Overall, I enjoyed this short story.  I give it 4 stars.


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