26 April 2015

All the President's Men 1: Derek's Darling Damsel by Rose Nickol

 Derek Moore was a six-foot-eight-inch agent with the Secret Service, and part owner of the kink club The Mix. Dorothy Chapman (Dottie) was a reporter for a major Washington D. C. paper who covered the White House. They saw each other all the time at various White House functions. Dottie didn’t think Derek even noticed her, but she noticed him, getting tingly every time she saw him. When she is attacked inside a hotel suite he is standing outside guarding, their relationship starts. She spends the weekend with him and he slowly starts introducing her to his lifestyle, BDSM. When Derek finds out that Dottie is in more trouble than she knows, he volunteers to be with her twenty-four seven. While at work one day Dottie is kidnapped. Can Derek save her in time or will she be flown out of the country never to be seen again? Will these two have their happily ever after?
This was a fantastic book! It starts out with Dorothy (Dottie) entering a Foreign General’s hotel suite. She is there to get an interview, but it quickly turns into a scary situation. Derek is a secret service agent there to guard the General during his stay in the country. Hearing a female’s screams, Derek enters the suite and even though the General tries to explain why Dottie is screaming and tied up, Derek knows something more is wrong. He takes her to his room, gets her cleaned up, and proceeds to show her how he feels about the sexy reporter. This begins their relationship, and the suspense storyline, and what a HOT one it is!
Derek is part owner of a BDSM club with a few other fellow agents. He needs to Dom to get full satisfaction and hopes Dottie will be his exclusive sub. While I had a slight issue with how fast Derek and Dottie’s relationship evolved, it was incredibly hot and spicy. Dottie’s reluctance quickly changed to curiosity and Derek’s needs were met.
Even though the story was great, I did find the play scenes in the club a bit cheesy. I realize not everyone’s kink is the same, but it seemed very juvenile for how alpha Derek appeared. However, I can look past that because he was trying to make one of Dottie’s fantasies come true.
Throughout the story, Derek was in full alpha male mode while trying to find out who wants Dottie kidnapped. I could picture the tough, strong, sexy man doing everything he can to protect his lady love. Dottie wasn’t totally naïve, but I do prefer my heroines a bit more kick ass.  I didn’t suspect the person who turned out to the one that got Dottie kidnapped. That really surprised me! I kind of with that part of the storyline didn’t end so quickly, though.
All in all, this is a really good story with a sexy couple, lots of suspense, and a bad guy that gets it in the end.


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