01 April 2015

Teacher's Pet (The Full Nelson #3) by Jeff Erno

 Detective Chris Nelson faces another murder investigation. This time the victims are educators—a college professor and a high school teacher—and both are gay. Jared Bressman, the first victim, is found strangled in his apartment. A few days later, Stephen Hayes is found in his home, a victim of the same type of assault. Chris must piece together the clues to find a connection—if there is one—between the murders and stop the killer before he strikes again. Once he discovers that the killer also has a link to someone close to him, Chris races to beat the murderer to his final victim.
The first chapter of this book threw me quite a bit. A lot actually. Mr. Erno goes into significant detail about the procedures of investigation and Chris's job as a police detective. Had this been the first book in the series it would have made sense to do that as an introduction to the character, but as Teacher's Pet is the third book in the Full Nelson series, it just seemed out of place. Now that I've got that out of the way, I will say that the rest of the book flowed smoothly and kept me glued to my Kindle until 1am because I had to know what happened.

The book opens with Chris receiving a call from his husband Ethan who has just learned that a close friend has been arrested for murdering his boyfriend, who is a colleague of Ethan's. Despite the conflict of interest, Chris is assigned the case and he sets out to find the killer. Mr. Erno brings his ever present talent to Teacher's Pet and proceeds to lay false trails and present plausible explanations as decoys while Chris works doggedly to find the person responsible for the deaths of not one, but two gay teachers. When the connection between Ethan and the second teacher is found, Chris's determination increases even more as the case hits way too close to home. Not surprisingly, I didn't know who the killer was until Mr. Erno decided it was time for that reveal.

While the author has been consistent with how well-crafted the police drama aspects of this series have been, I haven't always been impressed with the sex scenes. In Secrets I felt like they had been added just so the book could be categorized as an m/m romance. In Glitter the cutaway sex scenes were more consistent with the way scenes in the book as a whole seemed to jump around, or I was more accustomed to the author’s writing style. However, in Teacher's Pet, the sex scenes flowed with the storyline, complementing it rather than interrupting it. Because they flowed, they felt more natural, and subsequently hotter than those in the previous books in the series. The special announcement that Chris and Ethan made at end was a perfect way to wrap up the book while leaving the door open for a sequel. While it’s awful to wish for death, Chris is a homicide detective and I can hardly wait to see what he encounters next. 


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