11 April 2015

The Connicle Curse (Colin Pendragon Mysteries #3) by Gregory Harris

Victorian London's private detective Colin Pendragon learns that the cost of wealth can indeed be dear as he investigates the grisly fate of a well-heeled financier. . .

When wealthy Edmond Connicle suddenly disappears, his distraught wife enlists the services of master sleuth Colin Pendragon and his loyal partner, Ethan Pruitt. Already on the case, however, is Scotland Yard's Inspector Varcoe. He suspects the Connicles' West African scullery maid of doing in her employer, especially when a badly burned body is discovered on the estate grounds with a sack of Voodoo festishes buried beneath it.

But all is not as it seems, and as more bodies are found, the pressure mounts on Varcoe, forcing him to forge an uneasy alliance with his nemesis, Pendragon. At the same time, Mrs. Connicle's fragile mental state appears increasingly more precarious. Could madness, not black magic, be at the root of these murders? To untangle the twisted truth, Pendragon and Pruitt must penetrate the hidden lives of the elite and expose the malevolent machinations of a ruthless killer. . .
This was by first G. Harris novel, seems I’ve been writing that a lot lately…huh? And I have to say as with all books, when I first open, I always look at the page count. And when I noticed this one showing almost 300 pages I balked, I had only given myself two days to read processes and write the review. I was going to have some long nights ahead.  Much to my delight however, once I started reading I was so in grossed, swept away, enchanted, charmed and all those other words we use and not just by Ethan and Colin but the housekeeper, the guys from Scotland Yard, even the dogs! (BTW I’ve always wanted one!) Before I knew it I was at page 160! The ‘who done it’ keeps you guessing right until the end, the tender touches and words between Ethan and Colin (this is not a hot sex fest ppl) just makes you want to say, ahhhh. The cheeky banter between Colin and the different characters just makes it a fun and entertaining read. My only complaint is, I would like to have a time line, and we got a general reference when they mentioned The Ripper case. But I’m a person that needs hard times, dates or descriptions to put me in the mood as it were. And we didn’t have that.


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