21 July 2014

Dominated by Becca Jameson

 Kathleen Davis has never been more confused. While running from one wolf who insists she is his mate, she finds herself face to face with her real mate. Why is he such a jerk then? And why does he treat her like a child? Screw him. If this is what a “real” mate is, she wants no part of him.

Gabriel Albertson’s family hosts the Wolf Gathering every two years, but he hasn’t been home in ages. Fortifying himself to face the masses of unmated females, he never even makes it out the door before his one and only bounds right into his hiding place. To his disappointment, he realizes she’s more child than woman.

But, Gabriel is mistaken, and his error insults his gorgeous mate. He must hunt her down, apologize, and convince her he isn’t the ass he first appeared to be. Although he manages to claim her, his dominance frightens Kathleen and sends her fleeing his parents’ home. Can he pull his act together, tail between his legs, and convince her their mating is real and worth the risk to her heart?

I have read other books by this author in the past and have enjoyed them. However this book left me very unsatisfied on a few levels.
I felt as though the characters were not really described in any in-depth manner. I wasn’t able to connect with them at all honestly.  The story itself seemed very rushed, and the ending didn’t really make any sense to me as well.
My biggest complaint about the book however, and while I don’t normally complain about things like this it is a big thing for me. I was under the impression that this was going to be a short novel, however the story stopped at 65%. It wasn’t as though it was an incomplete download, the story ended and then promo started for other books, and not all of them by this author. I really think that with the price of this book, there should have been more to it than what there was.
I have always enjoyed the books that I have read by Ms. Jameson but this one fell short for me big time. I will read more from the author in the future, and hopefully this was just a bad apple in the bunch.


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