20 July 2014

Make Me by Sierra Cartwright

 Competent and in control, Ms. Inamorata, Hawkeye's righthand woman, has the perfect relationship with hunky fellow operative Wesley Lowell. Several times a week, she shows up at his house, has fabulous sex, meaningless conversation, and then returns home and to her regular life. Dynamic and determined, Wes has had enough. He's tired of playing by her rules. He wants more than passion from Inamorata, he wants commitment. One evening, as she's yet again climbing from his bed to leave him in the middle of the night, he acts, snagging her wrist and refusing to let her go. He bends her over the bed, and takes her the way he wants to: hard, fast, dominating. Against her own wishes, she responds to his more heated sexual demands. For the first time since they've been together, he makes her beg for an orgasm, and beg she does. This oh-so-sexy man turns her life upside down, until she realizes she needs him not only as a demanding lover, but needs him by her side to solve a case that causes past and present to collide.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements.

I feel as though I should say this right off the bat.  Well played Ms. Cartwright, but I really don’t think you would give it up that quickly!  I’m holding out hope that the torture of needing to know what Ms. Inamorata’s first name is, isn’t completely over as of yet!
But onto another note, I really hope that this isn’t the last book in the series because it is completely growing on me as each book progresses. I do think that this is my favorite one of the series so far and I think that is because there was so much going on in the book that wasn’t just from an erotica standpoint. Don’t get me wrong, the smut smut in the book was still done extremely well, I completely loved the battle between Inamorata and Wesley between who is the boss, but it didn’t go to an extreme level that makes you lose interest or wonder what exactly is going on.
I personally think that this book was a perfect balance between all of the different elements that Ms. Cartwright has brought into the series from the start. I really feel like Ms. Cartwright has a really good hit series on her hands if she keeps writing more into the Hawkeye Crew!  (I would really love to see a book about Hawkeye himself in the future! *Hint hint*)

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  1. I adore your reviews. I think you're savvy and insightful. Thank you! :)