19 July 2014

The Locked Heart by Christina Thacher

 Darby just wants a drink when the airline cancels her flight, but she gets more: she gets noticed by Damien, a handsome man who wants to spend the night with her. Darby loves being dominated, so she travels to The Aerie, the private BDSM sex club Damien frequents, to see if she really is a submissive. At The Aerie, Damien's normal detachment fails him with Darby. He's obsessed with her enthusiasm and grace but he's locked his heart against her love.

I was recently introduced to this author and wanted to see how her approach to a BDSM story was.  I am happy to say I was not disappointed.  She writes a story with detailed elements of BDSM, along with an education of the rules and expectations for the Dom’s and Subs, while giving us an interesting story with characters that are so developed you feel as if they have become your friends. 
Darby and Damien meet during a delay in flights.  He is a successful business man and Darby was drawn to him but she didn’t know why.  He asked her for a night and that one night changed her life.  Feeling things for a man that she never had before she searched his name on the internet and found he was Master D at a BDSM club and highly sought after.  Showing up in Denver to surprise him she was able to spend the weekend with him and explore her submissive tendencies.  She learned things about her desires and body that she never knew she was capable of feeling.  More than that, she realized how she wanted her future to unfold and that included being a submissive and Damien’s woman.
Darby returns to Boston but doesn’t feel complete.  There is a void there that only Damien can fill, but he doesn’t appear willing to give up his Master Dom role to settle for just her. Little did she realize it wasn’t he didn’t want to give up being a Dom, he didn’t want to play with other subs after his weekend with Darby.  Something is holding him back though from admitting it. As she explores her heart to see if she could share him, does she really want this lifestyle she decides she needs to see him one more time.  The event explodes and drama happens.  Will the black hearted Dom be able to allow love in and admit he wants her? 
The story is short, under 100 pages but it full of excitement and passion.  While we do see a lot of BDSM action, the main part of the story is the human emotions and connections between Damien and Darby.  The balance is very well thought out and did not tilt to one side or the other.  Even in the middle of a scene, the author did a wonderful job at reminding the reader that this is more than sex, this is involving their heart and soul.  Along with Damien and Darby we met Kai and X, both doms and friends with Damien.  I love that the next book in this series The Frozen Heart is going to be Kai’s story.  Stay tuned to the blog for my review of that book.  


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