10 July 2014

Savage Chains: Scarred by Caris Roane

 Angelica has a choice: leave the vampire BDSM club where she was held captive and sold as a sex slave, or stay and help Reyes bring down the men who captured her.  But if she stays, she must help Reyes complete his undercover mission by posing as his sex slave...which brings her deeper into the perilous underground world of vampire sex clubs. 

What she never expects is to get lost in the sensuality of the clubs...and lose herself in her role as Reyes' captive. But there's no disguising the brutality of the sex-slave community, and soon Angela begins to question whether Reyes is really who he says he is...and where she belongs.

Oh Holy heck, this just keeps getting better and better.  This book picks up where the last one left, Angelica is left with the decision to accept the Blood Chains with Reyes and help him take down the Stalin Group or she is free to go back to her life.  She knows that he is telling her the truth and she can see how he saved her, so her heart is leading her to help him free the slaves that are being tortured.  Little did she know that the longer she stayed with him the more of his past she will learn and her focus will be set on helping him get his revenge.
Reyes wants to take down this group more than anything, well other than getting Sweet Dove, the woman who tortured him when he was a slave.  She has eluded his search for years but she has never fallen off of his radar.  He will quickly learn after talking to Angelica that Sweet Dove might not be too far away after all. 
With them wearing the Blood Chains, they can’t be apart physically or the chains will tug them till they are back in the approved distance.  It also allows Angelica to access Reyes past memories that have been erased from his mind.  As she sees the horrors he went through pieces to this puzzle finally begin to fall in place and the identity of the players are becoming known.  Things are asked of Reyes and Angelica that will push them to their limits, sights will give her nightmares but through it all they stay focused on the goal, destroying the Stalin Group. 
When the invitation to meet the hidden leader is offered they know they can’t refuse.  This could mean partnership in the group and give them a greater chance to succeed in their goal.  Things were on track till the leader is identified and the request is made.  Will Reyes be able to allow Angelica to chain him to a table and take advantage of him?  Can he go back to being a slave and survive not only the torture but the memories that are coming back to him now.  I can hardly wait to finish this series and see if they decide the goal is worth succumbing to the leader and the past. 
I am in love with this series.  The author wrote the characters so well I feel like I am standing there with them as they decide what to do.  The secondary characters are so well developed you can feel the evil rolling off of them in the story.  What I love most is Angelica and Reyes can talk to each other without words.  I love the talks they have between the two which are private to the outside world.  He begs her not to make him laugh or smile when they are in a situation that he must show his dominance, she melts when he tells her she is driving him crazy with love and lust.  They are so made for each other.  Go get this series and fill your need for dark and twisted love.  

Savage Chains: Scarred returns us to Angelica’s dilemma as she must make a life or death decision: return home to take care of her mother (life, but not living) or remaining with Reyes and help him take down the slavers (risking potential death). Her decision is complicated by the fact that she is drawn to Reyes, maybe even more so no that she knows his true mission.

As you’ve read the blurb, you obviously know she agrees to help him. Of course this means, as voyeurs to the whole twisted affair, we as readers have front row seats to the show as these two seek to make the best of an awful situation. While Angelica does what she must to help maintain his cover, she embraces all that Reyes is and loses herself to his sensuality and skill. Suffice it to say, Reyes has both in spades and that makes for some oh-so-hot sex scenes several times. Yet all is not smooth sailing as more and more of the things they encounter remind Reyes of his past as a sex slave, causing moments of hesitation and impulsiveness that place both of them in grave danger.

Savage Chains: Scarred is an excellent sequel to Savage Chains: Captured and kept me riveted the entire time as I couldn’t read fast enough. I had to get to the end because I just had to know whether or not Scorpion’s identity would be revealed during this novella; and if it was, was I correct in who I suspected it was? And you know, you’re going to have to read it for yourself to find out those answers. The author has provided her readers a wonderful follow-up novella in Reyes and Angelica’s story and I am looking forward to the next novella in the series.


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