08 November 2014

Finding Her Rhythm by Dani Wade

 Struggling after the death of her parents, Taylor Jemison let her hormones lead her into the biggest mistake of her life. Now she has a dangerous ex who still wants to own her and a desperate need for safety. What
could be safer than her new job as a Rock Star Nanny? Except now she's locked herself in with a man who is potentially more dangerous...to her heart.

Michael Korvello has a dominant nature and a lonely heart that he keeps firmly under wraps. His kids have suffered enough for the mistakes of his past. But his new nanny has those dark desires howling at the gate. The only thing keeping him in check is the fear lurking in those brilliant green eyes. Can he earn her trust, and the right to transform all her desires into reality?

Just when neither can deny their need for each other, Taylor's ex shows up like an unlucky charm, intent on taking back what he considers his...even if he has to destroy Michael's world to get to her. Can two kindred souls protect the passionate love they ache for from an outsider bent on ripping them apart?

This is Book 1 in the Backstage Pass series. It is a novel of 43,000 words.

Attention: This book contains light domination/submission, a full-figured heroine, a rock star who totally understands what she needs, and sexy, sensual play.
So many things to like about this book! 
Taylor has a heartbreaking past.  After losing her parents she allowed herself to be drawn into the company of a man who is less than good for her.  Now with a psycho ex, she feels the need to escape.  So, she takes a job as a nanny to a rock star.  Michael, the aforementioned rock star, is fiercely protective of his children, but he finds himself being swept up in the presence of the new nanny.  They both fight an attraction to each other until they can’t anymore, but when Taylor’s ex shows up, will he destroy the fragile feelings between Taylor and Michael or will they fight for what they both want and need with each other?
This was a fairly short book, but great nonetheless.  I really liked the whole nanny/rocker dynamic, not to mention that plays really well into the whole dominance/submission part of the story.  Taylor and Michael were really hot together, and I thought their chemistry and the buildup of their relationship was fun and intriguing to read about.  Plus, Taylor is a full figured woman and I always love it when that is thrown into a story!
This had the potential to be a really cheesy book, but it managed to avoid that and I found myself very invested in the story and where it was going.  There are a few parts that had me biting my nails, on the edge of my seat!  It was very well written and is one of those books that you will read cover to cover in one sitting.  I really enjoyed it.  Bring on the rest!  4.5 stars.
Finding Her Rhythm is an awesome read. I connected with Taylor almost immediately. I felt so bad for her and the situation she found herself in with her stalker ex. Fortunately she has a great friend in Stephen and he has the perfect solution for her – being the nanny for the tween children of rock star Michael Korvello. While their first meeting may not have been the best impression – for either of them – it certainly insured a lasting impression.

Oddly enough my favorite scene in the book was not one of the smoking hot sex scenes, but rather the first time Michael shared a meal with his children and Taylor. I love, love, loved the way Taylor dealt with Matthew’s refusal to clean up his mess. The way in which she presented his choices of either clean up the mess or you don’t get to take part in family fun night appealed to my professional training and I fell under Ms. Wade’s spell that much harder. I was relieved when Michael finally began to let his guard down and realized that pursuing Taylor might be worth the risk to his heart. I don’t know who I was rooting for more, even if it was for the same outcome.

I had so much fun reading Finding Her Rhythm and watching Taylor and Michael build a relationship while trying to sidestep the other’s baggage. While the sex was hot, it was also sweet as Michael set out to help Taylor overcome her body image insecurities and the emotional damage inflicted by her ex. And because Taylor is dealing with a psycho stalker ex, there is a bit of drama and suspense in the final chapters of the book. I absolutely loved Finding Her Rhythm and cannot wait to read Settling the Score.  


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