07 February 2015

Wicked Wonderland by Catelyn Cash

 Banished to earth by the Elf court for her scandalous sexual exploits, D'Elfine finds herself in a busy US department store on Christmas Eve, where her pointy ears and sumptuous white fur cloak land her the job as Snow Queen in the understaffed Christmas grotto. Del doesn't consider her sex life all that outrageous. In fact she'd settle for a man who can actually give her an orgasm.

Strapped-for-cash, hard bodied, bi-sexual Irishman Finn, is working as an elf in the same grotto. The only item on Finn's Christmas shopping list is the right woman to take his shy, bi-curious partner, Ben's cherry.

Meet a beautiful, uninhibited woman who yearns for a man more well-endowed than the standard Elfish three inches; a man eager for his first ever sexual encounter with the opposite sex; and his lover, who has some ideas of his own about how to make this a highly memorable Christmas for all.
This is a really fun and quick holiday read. If you like Christmas themed novellas with steamy plots then this is the book for you.  As this is a m/m/f erotic novella it contains some m/m scenes as well as m/f. This was a cute and fun book with some very likeable characters.

Ben and Finn are a very cute gay couple but Ben has always been a little curious about being with a female. Finn wants to give Ben something special for Christmas and Del fits the bill perfectly.  They make a quirky and fun threesome with plenty of spice thrown in.  While this story is not deep or drama filled it is the perfect holiday themed vacation read. 


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