28 April 2013

The Good Boy, By; J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry

**This book contains M/M romance**

      The sins of the father pass onto the son at least that is what it seems to be like in Lane’s case.  With his parents having defrauded millions of dollars out of people, now it seems that everyone wants to take it out on Lane.  Knowing nothing when it comes to what his parents did, people still will not accept that.  After being taken advantage of by one of his “friends” has left Lane bruised, bloody and broken.

      Derek learned after meeting Lane that you can’t always judge someone based on their parents actions.  Despite the anger that he had towards Lane’s parents, when he looked at him, he saw the lost boy.  Only trying to help Lane out, Derek hadn’t expected to have feelings for Lane, but he will do his best to show Lane that not all types of love can leave you broken.

      But when the evidence piles up against Lane, will the support that Derek has shown him be enough to pull him through the hard times?

      When I started reading this book, there were several times that I put it down because I was so upset!!!  I mean seriously, Lane’s character made me almost cry several times throughout the whole book.  The writing ability that the authors have, that made it so believable, touched me even after finishing the story.

      One thing that I really enjoyed about the book, when it came to the situation between Lane and “the man he made the deal with” the information wasn’t just poured on you in one drop.  (Honestly I don’t know if I would have been able to handle that!)  The flashback scenes were done in a sense that it gave more to the story, instead of taking away from it.  I also enjoyed watching Lane’s journey from being broken, into becoming the man that he was at the end of the book.

      Yes, there are parts of this book that are not for the weak of heart, but also, this book is more than an erotica novel.  You can almost connect with the different characters, and there was such a wide variety of personalities in this book you can’t help but connect with one or more of them.  This book is more about the strength of a man, who is coming into his own.

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