09 August 2013

Ella's Turning WHAT???

Ella is another great author that we just love!!  For her birthday (and no I won't tell you how old she is) she is hosting a huge BLOG HOP for everyone!!

There are THREE great giveaways for everyone!

Here is the information for them all!

Giveaway # 1:
The grand prize is a $100.00 Amazon OR Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!  To enter, all you have to do is leave a blog comment with your EMAIL ADDRESS and you will be entered into this great giveaway!

Giveaway # 2:
Enter into the raffle below for chances to win some eBooks of your choice and some great swag!!

Giveaway # 3:
This the fun one!!  Below there are going to be 6 birthday stories!  In Raffle Number 2, there will be 6 questions!  You get to guess whose story is whose, and if they are Truth or a Lie!  The prize for this giveaway is a signed book from Sarah Daltry along with various swag from other authors!

The Stories:

Story Number 1:

When I was 15 my parents finally let me have my first boy/girl party ever. I was so excited that I ended up saving all my money so that I could say that I bought all the food and snacks for the party. When the day finally came for my party, I was scared beyond belief! What if nobody showed up? I wasn't as popular as many of the other girls but I still had hopes that people would show up.

As luck would have it, people did show up for the party and the one thing that I do remember happening at that party was a boy who I had a crush on gave me flowers! I had never gotten flowers from anyone before and I was so excited about getting them. That was one of the best birthday's that I have ever had.

Story Number 2: 
On my 21st birthday I went out with a few of my guy friends, since they were the only ones who either had a fake ID or were actually 21. I drank for somewhere around 12 hours straight that day, and when we ended up at my friend’s apartment building they talked me into to streaking down the apartment corridor in exchange for what I think was something like $20 (the details are a bit fuzzy). 

So, of course, I stripped down to my underwear and running shoes and proceeded to run down the corridor. I managed to avoid running into any strangers and was almost back to the apartment door (homefree!) when my friend stepped out with his camera and snapped a shot. In my attempt to shield myself, the picture came out looking something like the Heisman trophy stance, and to this day, is held over my head as blackmail. I got my $20 though…don’t judge.

Story Number 3: 
I have alot of brothers and sisters. I think because both my parents grew up in large families so they wanted to have one of their own.  One year for my birthday, I must have been 5 or 6 we went to my Uncle Henry's farm.  He had alot of animals, even sheep.  One of the sheep had just been born so I got to hold him, he just layed in my arms like a human baby would have.  

I'm sure the look on my face was something else because now whenever anyone in my family talks about that year they all start laughing.  Well, I may have looked funny to them, but I've never held a baby sheep since then and that is one memory I would like to re-live!

Story Number 4:
I think I was 12 and my parents threw me a birthday party, I have alot of brothers and sisters so real parties with friends we didn't have very often.  My dad even had flowers delivered to me at school that year.  The party was great! All of my friends I invited showed up with presents. 

Thats the year I found out Steve liked me....... he brought me three big presents!  I was so excited and embarassed by it that he and I never spoke of it after the party.  Definately a birthday I will never forget.

Story Number 5:
Even when I have lived away from my family, they have always made sure to let me know they were thinking of me on my birthday's. If it's something as simple as a phone call, or something more than that.

For one of my many birthday's away from my family, my parents made sure to send me flowers! It was a beautiful arrangement where all the flowers were set to look like a dog! It was amazing to have such an amazing arrangement for my birthday! Even thinking about it now, I remember how excited I was when I realized who it was from.

Story Number 6:
I went out with my college friends, all women, to a bar. We had decided early on that we didn’t want to have to pay for drinks, and decided the best way to achieve that was to pretend to be lesbians. I’m not sure why…in my 22 year old mind it made sense at the time…kind of like the best of both worlds, people would think we were hot, but knew we wouldn’t go home with them.

Anywho…we proceeded to this bar, put our plan into action and found it to be very successful. Soon enough, we were cornered into kissing each other by a group of men. Alcohol abounds!!! Eventually, we imbibed so much alcohol that I ended up making out with a person of small stature on the dance floor, we agreed to go home with these guys to “party” some more, but escaped right after they tried to impress us by showing us their collection of fetal sharks in a jar. It was epic. We still talk about it, 14 years later.

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