09 August 2013

Jaded Youth Blog Tour Stop!!

DINM’s destruction made Jade’s team invincible in the eyes of every Doppelganger, giving Adrian and Joanna the chance to finally prove themselves and explore the tempestuous relationship brewing between them.

Both have memories that would be better off buried and people they wish they could forget. Joining together might just give them the redemption they both so badly crave. But there’s trouble boiling within the government as the treasury continues to be drained, disappearing without a trace. Adrian is enlisted to ghost the perpetrator with his Orb, and Joanna’s help.

Their progress is stunted before it can even begin, their contracts ripped away from them as the team realise that the aftermath of DINM reaps more problems than rewards. When the minister they’ve been shadowing inadvertently introduces them to a man both Adrian and Joanna recognise, their dark pasts become entangled in a twist of fate none of the team saw coming.

Being the second book in a series is a hard book to thing to get into. At least for me, because there is either a really hard act to follow, or the first book was really bad and you are unsure if you want to read the next one. With Jaded Rein being the way that it was, a really good read, I had high hopes for this book. In one way I was let down, but in other ways I really enjoyed the book.

In this book we are able to get to know more about Adrian and Joanna and what their doppelgangers are capable of. I really do enjoy how they have completely different ones, that way we were able to learn more about them, it wasn't just one type of doppelganger. Their characters were very well written. Their personalities were expanded upon from what we learned of them in Jaded Rein.

The plot line of this book, drew me in completely. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next in the story, and I wasn't disappointed in that aspect of it. One of the problems that I had with this story is that there seemed to be too much going during the course of the book. There were a few things that popped up that just didn't seem to make real sense to me.

But I will say this, with the ending of the book being the way that it was, I can't wait to find out more in the series. There was enough happening in the last few chapters of the book that it left me wanting more for sure!

All in all, I did enjoy this book, and I will read more into the series.



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