09 August 2013

In A Cowboy's Bed

They're tough as nails and sexy as hell. With their leather chaps and Stetson hats, they're impossible to resist. They're cowboys and they like to ride slow and hard. . .

"Two for the Road" by Cat Johnson
Heather London is tired of the squeaky clean acting roles that keep coming her way. But when she takes off in a car one day heading west, she never expects to meet up with two cowboys who show her just how fun it is to get down and dirty. . .

"Soul of a Cowboy" by Vonna Harper
One thing cowboys don't take kindly to is city girls snooping around the ranch, investigating environmental concerns. But when Kathy Vinoza sets eyes on Mike Moss, it's only a matter of time before the rest of her body follows. . .

"Trouble in Boots" by Lynn LaFleur
An unforgettable high school graduation night has kept Keely Sheridan and Nick Fallon apart for far too long. But when Nick gets sidelined after fighting a raging fire, and Keely needs Nick's help with the family ranch, he is more than willing to take control. . .

This book contains adult content


This book is a great read if you enjoy cowboys, well let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like cowboys. They are all muscle, and fantasy and oh just about everything.

There are 3 short stories in this book that all have to do with cowboys, and the girls who fall for them. The women who find what they were least expecting in the arms of those men. You get to follow along with the stories that are about 3 completely different couples and the highs and lows that they face in the beginning of their relationships.

And we can’t forget the sex part of these books, which was cowboy hot! There are completely different things that take place during the course of these stories, there is almost something in there for everyone to enjoy. I would recommend this book to my friends who enjoy the cowboy romances!


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