29 January 2014

Client No 5, By Joy Fulcher

Ally loves her job. She makes good money, has great work friends, and lives in the best city in the world.

Sure, being an upscale escort has its downfalls. The sex is usually bad, and it’s always about satisfying the client’s needs, not one’s own. But Ally didn’t end up in this business for lack of other opportunities. She’s good at what she does and is proud she can command a high price for it. What Ally really gets out of it, though, is a sense of freedom, of power and control that she severely lacks in her private life. She’s closed off from everyone around her, including herself.

Everything gets thrown into chaos, however, when she gets the call for a new client, her fifth of the night. Scott Walker is different. He’s a young go-getter executive accustomed to getting whatever he wants. And ultimately he doesn’t want Ally’s body; he wants her heart. But that’s the one thing she refuses to give up.

Ally is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to stay in her comfort zone or step outside it for someone who might just be worth the risk.

If you think you've read every story about a hooker with a heart of gold, think again. Sexy and edgy, Client No.5 will seduce you into the intimate world of a high-class call girl, strutting its stilettos into the raw, erotic territory Pretty Woman feared to tread.

When I started Client No 5, I was in love. I thought for sure it was going to be a 5 bat read for me. I mean it was lines like this that made me want more.

"I only hoped he didn't expect some Pretty Woman happy ending because I wasn't that girl."

"In the blackness of my mind he wasn't an overweight balding accountant who smelled of stale tobacco. He was tall, handsome, and gentle."

What is not to love and get excited for, right? Wrong. I thought this book was going to either be romance, you know the prostitute finds Prince Charming (yeah Pretty Woman stuff), or just straight raunchy life of a hooker stuff. It was neither although I think the author was hoping to make it both. Let me tell you where I felt it started going wrong. She met a client who she felt more than the normal hooker feelings for. Great start but I was like please tell me she isn't going to just give up her day (or would it be night?) job. Well I won't spoil it for you but I will tell you this-I found the "hero" to be a total controlling douche-bag. I didn't connect with him at all and I wanted to punch him in the face every time he made an appearance in the book. 

"He was trying to be okay with it but it really did bother him. That was only going to get worse, not better.I suddenly felt suffocated in his arms."

"...but I wasn't going to let him come marching in and start controlling my life. He gave me a guilty smile. "I'm sorry, Ally. I'm just so used to always getting my way."

"Fuck!" I breathed out as his hips pistoned. "Don't swear this time." 

Then there are the total unrealistic moments that had me shaking my head and asking myself, really?

"Condoms are in my bag." "We don't need them," he said, continuing to kiss me.

WTF is that? She had admitted her number of men she had slept with in her "career" and even using protection, I wouldn't feel comfortable sleeping with someone that had been with that many people. I am not even sure if they used THREE condoms on top of each other I could do it.

Okay then the author hinted at some huge heartbreak that made her seek this line of work. When it finally came out what it was, I seriously almost laughed. It was so ridiculous that she could have THAT much heartbreak and be so against love for such a petty thing.

"Love is hard, and it hurts you. You have to make yourself very vulnerable"

"Love can only ever end in a breakup or death. There are no happy endings"

Okay so she was soooooo against love and relationships, yet she was so weak and insecure, in my opinion.

ONE last rant-If I were to have all her "rules" about what counts as sex and sex partners I could convince myself that I was a virgin again! 

While this book fell short in many places for me, I did appreciate the ending where Ally grew a fricking backbone and took control of her life. She quit whining about it and just did it. The beginning and ending were really good for me. It was just everything in between that felt rote.


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