19 February 2014

All Good Things Tour Stop!

All Good Things…

are wild and free.

This is going to be the best summer ever! Bonfires, pool parties, trips to the beach, throwing her arms in the air while riding down the open road in a convertible – she’s going to do it all.

Roxie has plans. It’s the last summer before college graduation. By this time next year she’ll be living in the “real” world; ie: paying bills, searching for a job that doesn’t require an apron, and maybe even sleeping on a bed that doesn’t turn into a couch. If there’s ever a time to be fun, irresponsible and reckless, it’s now.

But things don’t always go as planned.

Before the summer has even started, Roxie makes a discovery that breaks her heart and shatters her confidence. Her hopes of having the Best Summer Ever go straight in the trash. Forget the beach. Forget the bonfires. Forget summer altogether.

If only her childhood friend, Jake, would let her be. His contagious smile keeps popping up and dragging her to every social event in Ann Arbor. Reluctant at first, his happy-go-lucky attitude becomes an addiction. It isn’t long before Roxie starts to wonder if her longtime friend might be the perfect cure for her heartbreak. This summer might be good after all.

But All Good Things…

must come to an end.

**All Good Things is an NA prequel to the contemporary 2013 release The Good Life. The books can be read in either order, or as stand-alones.**

The beginning of this book gave me just a sweet comfy feel as I was reading.  We see Jake being let down by his father and his mother not caring.  Thank goodness he had the Humsucker family to fill the void.  He stayed with his best friend’s family a lot and really liked the little sister Roxie, didn’t even mind that she followed him around everywhere.  Then one day, he realized that he and Roxie had grown up, they were adults now and she wasn’t the cute little girl she used to be, she was the beautiful young woman who was hiding some secrets that were holding her back from loving someone.
This summer those two finally got together, but they had to keep it secret since he was her boss at the bar, and her family would flip.  He was like a brother to her in their eyes.  Their relationship was funny and beautiful.  They were a perfect fit, so much so it was time to stop being the dirty little secret in each other’s lives and let the world know they were together, just until it was time for Roxie go leave for college again. 
Decision as to a long distance romance or a clean break was weighing them down, finally Jake made the choice.  The end of the book was where the emotions and intense feelings came.  At times I wanted to throw my kindle across the room because of those two, and I couldn’t figure out why the author would end the book this way, leaving me with tears and so many questions unanswered but I realize now there is another book coming so it makes sense.  Yes Jodie Beau is forgiven. 
For the most part this is a feel good book to read.  I would say it was all the way but the ending had me upset, but then that is just a sign that the author gave us a beautiful story with wonderful characters that we could fall in love with and care about.  I am so looking forward to reading the next book to see what happens to Roxie now that she has made a huge decision in her life.  Will Jake be there to save her again or will she be on her own?  

I pushed my plate away. “What’s your excuse then?”
He looked surprised by my boldness. “My excuse for what?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Roxanne. I just have a short attention span. I get bored easily. I can’t even commit to the same radio station to listen to an entire song. I have to check the other stations to make sure I’m not missing anything better playing somewhere else.”
“And by the time you realize there isn’t anything better on the other channels, the song you liked on the first channel is over and you missed out.”
 “I’m just waiting for the right one. When all the newness wears off and she stops shaving and starts wearing boring underwear that doesn’t even match, and I still want to be around her, I’ll stop. It just hasn’t happened yet.”
The waitress brought the check over and Jake grabbed it. “I’ve got this.”
“You better,” I said with a sweet smile. “You’re the one who made me come.”
“I really wish you would not say things like that,” he said. He looked pained. “Now we have to sit here for ten more minutes while I imagine something disturbing. Like my mother taking a shit.” He closed his eyes and tilted his head down toward the table to visualize.
I gasped. Was he saying what I thought he was saying? “Dude! You’re so gross.”
He lifted his head, opened his eyes, and gave me a wicked grin. “Just kidding.” He paused. “Partially. I’m partially kidding. Semi kidding. Half kidding.”
OMIGOD! “Are we really sitting here talking about the current condition of your penis?”
“I guess we are. Is that weird?”
I looked up at the ceiling as I thought about it. It didn’t feel weird. “Is it weird that it doesn’t feel weird?” I asked.
“Hmm, yeah, kind of.”
“Should we go now?” I asked quickly.
“Can I carry your purse for you?”
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I'm a wife, mom, waitress, book nerd, Chapstick addict, and a really bad driver who still believes in happy endings and can't walk in high heels. Writing is what I do when I'm avoiding other things...like cleaning.

I once had big dreams of being a Hollywood screenwriter. 

But then I met a boy and got distracted. 

Three years later we met another boy, this one even cuter. 

The three of us are now living happily ever after in the Detroit area. All Good Things is my second novel. And our house is kind of a mess :)

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