24 July 2014

Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle

 Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple.
In Raw Silk, happily married June and Ashlyn Phillips occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to indulge her wife’s fantasies.
In On Her Knees, Simone Davies is finally happy. That is, until her chief tormentor and biggest crush, Abby Nelson, shows up at her firm’s holiday party. Together they struggle to forget the past and build a future together.
In Hollis, homicide detective Jude Lassiter pushes a little too hard, and her instructor at a FBI anti-terrorism training session, Special Agent Beverly Hollis, knows exactly how to punish her. Jude is all too willing to submit.

When you buy this book you will find three novellas by the same author all involving sex and relationships between females.  While each story has their own twist and plots, the general theme I felt was taking risks and going for what you want.  In each story the scenes and characters are well developed and the stories read smoothly.  What I liked most about this book was you could read each story as a standalone during a break from work, life or on a short trip. 
The first story is titled Raw Silk.  We have June and Ash happily married but it was clear Ash hasn’t always been confident in this relationship.  Ash is an artist who stays at home and works while June is in the business community.  During a meeting that she was invited to she meets the new client Kat who is instantly attracted to June.  After a few rejected advances on Kat’s part, June talks to Ash about the situation.  Ash suggests that June invite Kat home with her for a night of fun to prove to June that she has matured and now knows that as long as she has June’s love she is good.  The emotions and thoughts of June were very heavy in this story as she battles her attraction to Kat but values her marriage to Ash.  It was nice to see how much control June was giving to Ash in order for her to feel secure in this arrangement. 
The second story is On Her Knees where we have Abby and Simone.  They have a horrid history in high school where Abby really hurt Simone.  At a party where Abby was pretending to be her best friend’s girlfriend because he isn’t ready to come out that he is gay, she sees Simone and remembers the feelings she still has for the other woman.  Simone is clearly not over her feelings about Abby. We get a chance to watch Simone with her therapist trying to figure out how she feels about Abby. Gavin, Abby’s best friend decides that these two deserve to have a chance and steps in. This story takes us on the journey of the two rediscovering each other and offering/accepting the forgiveness that is long overdue.  What Abby realizes is that Simone is not the same shy girl.  She has become an experienced sexual being who is willing to teach Abby a few new tricks.
The final novella in this book is called Hollis.  Jude is going to the FBI training session as a detective and comes across the trainer Hollis.  Jude doesn’t know when to shut up and behave till Hollis takes her and uses her BDSM training to make Jude realize she is more of a willing submissive than she thought.  This was by far the hottest of the three stories I felt but it also held the most emotion for me.  As we watch the two professional law enforcement women strike out as more than just women, we see their strength in every aspect of their lives.  Even Jude shows strength in her submission and I really enjoyed that in this story. 
As I said, if you are looking for long running plots you won’t find that here, but this book does give you three sets of women, all different in their own ways but they each now how to use their bodies to express what words won’t express.  I look forward to reading more from this author in the near future. 


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