27 September 2014

Heart's Hunt by Thom Lane

 Once Martel was a thieftaker, an honourable young man working an honourable profession with his father, keeping the city safe. Then came revolution and chaos. Now he’s alone and living as a bounty hunter, as low as he can fall. Rumour says the last of the overthrown royal family is hiding in the forest that borders Amaranth. Prince Joslyn would be a better prize than runaway slaves and murderers; the price on that boy’s head would make Martel for life, and give him a chance to rebuild his reputation.

When he rides into the charcoal-burner’s clearing, he doesn’t find a depraved young aristocrat hiding out with his loyal servant. Rather, he finds a displaced old man doing the best he can with only a slave to help. A willing, beautiful, poorly trained slave. From their first encounter, Martel can’t keep his hands off the boy - and sees no reason to, when the master doesn’t care and the inexperienced boy is sullen and frightened and eager all at once. This is the last thing he was looking for - but can one hot night change the course of a life, of two lives...?

This is the first story I have read by Mr. Lane and the premise was very interesting.  Since the story is written from Martel’s POV you don’t get to know the slave boy very well.  While this was an interesting novella and introduction to Martel, the ex-thief taker, and Jo-Jo, the slave boy I am very interested in learning more about these two characters and watching their relationship grow and change. 

I wished this story was longer so we could have gotten a chance to learn more about the slave boy.  While everything in the book seemed to be consensual it did leave a little to be desired in the relationship department because of it brevity.  I am hoping this was merely an introduction or backstory to these two characters and there is more coming about them because their story of starting over and redefining oneself is always an interesting journey.


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