16 February 2015

#Beyond: Tk Paige

T.K. Paige picked up her first book to read around the age of four and hasn’t stopped since. She discovered the M/M genre in August of 2012 and an addict was hooked.
If you see her and she is not reading, then she is thinking about the books that live in her head. It doesn’t matter what else she is doing, it is guaranteed half her brain has a plot running through it.
A stay at home mom for more years than she would like to think about, she is lucky enough to be married to a wonderful guy who encouraged her to write throughout their years together. Then when she finally did it and she told him what she was writing, he turned only slightly green and asked “Do I have to read it?” Apparently, he had dreams of her being the next Urban Fantasy sensation with her taste in movies… We won’t tell him what she watches when she is alone all day folding laundry.

Who in your personal life was the biggest supporter of your writing?
My husband. He’s always encouraged me to write and doesn’t get too horrified when I did just that instead of the laundry and dishes. My parents were also big supporters…I just don’t think any of them were quite prepared for it to be in M/M  & M/M/F romance.

What is one thing you wish your readers could understand about the writing process?
It involves a lot, A LOT, of  “Squirrel!!!” moments. I will be trying to focus on one story while another keeps trying to crash into my head… And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

If your characters could come to life and be a real human, which one do you think you would get along with best and which one would drive you crazy first?
I’d probably get along best with James from Here For You. He’s a simple, small town guy with a large helping of sci fi geek. I can see myself kicking back with him while we watched a marathon of Doctor Who and traded quips.

As to who’d drive me crazy…I’d have to say Jacob from A Second Chance Love. His determination to be the strong man 24/7 and hide his insecurities away would have me pulling my hair out. Frequently.

When did you start writing and what was your inspiration?
I’ve always plotted stories in my head whenever I could and dabbled with putting them into writing but nothing ever clicked. But a little over three years ago when I picked up my first M/M romance that changed. I started trading comments with the authors and I was floored by how open they were with fans. They were so encouraging to anyone that expressed an interest in writing.

My inspiration for Here For You came from my husband’s years as a volunteer firefighter in the small town where we lived. The camaraderie between the men was amazing. I got to thinking. What if a man who’d been born and raised in a small town came out?  What if the town chose him and not ingrained prejudices?

Is there a genre or type of book that you love to read but could never write and if so why?
I love Urban Fantasy and Fantasy books. Like the Dresden Files and Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. Nalini Singhs Guild Hunter and Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson books…Right now I don’t see myself writing series of that kind of scope. I’m a little too romantic in my need to give my characters a happy ever after… After they work for it that is.

Since you've been writing how much has the genre changed? Good, bad?
As I said, I’m pretty new to this so I don’t know about the changes so much. But it seems to me that there are more stories coming out where the conflicts are more about being people instead of being gay…I mean there’s still a long, long way to go but it seems to me that more people are starting to be more open minded. Unfortunately, that does seem to inflame the close minded even more.

Seeing more and more authors going the "self-pub' route. Thoughts?
I read several authors that have taken this route and I see the appeal of it. Bigger return and a little bit easier to shape the story the way you want it. Selling it for less to make it more affordable to people. Right now I’m more than happy with Totally Bound. I love the feedback from my editor there. She’s awesome about talking over issues with.

How much thought do you as an author put into your cover, cover models etc. And has that changed since you started writing. If so, have you or will you go back and re-do covers you’re no longer pleased with?
Well, I haven’t done the covers for my books. Be grateful for that because I can’t even draw a decent stick figure. I’m thankful that Totally Bound has a terrific cover art staff. They ask me for what I envisioned and send me a cover. If there are changes I’d like to make, I give them my opinion and they change or tweak it until we’re all happy.

What is the most intense scene you have ever written? Did you find it difficult writing that scene?
That would probably be when James was robbed at gunpoint in Here For You. James was probably the happiest he’d ever been before. He went from a teasing phone call, making plans with the man he loved, to looking down a barrel of a gun. I wanted his reactions to stay true to his character while he made a choice, to protect himself or others. And it all had to happen in a few moments.

If you could write in any genre that you've never tried, what would it be and why?
Fantasy. One of my favorite series of all time is The Belgariad by David Eddings. I adored the scope of the world building he did. He had entirely different cultures with their own laws and attitudes. Prophecies, religions and prejudices. He had a cast of characters that were so vivid that they were never lost in the details.  The idea of trying that is thrilling and intimidating.

When thinking about writing any specific genre, what triggers your fears and insecurities the most?

Writing paranormal romance or something that would be heavy on the angst.

I have a story in mind. It’s actually more like a duology. The way I envision these they will be fairly angsty.  I want that to come across without being too dark but I wonder if I can pull it off. The premise being what if you fell in love with your soulmate? What if you both screwed up so badly that it destroyed that relationship? How do you move on from that? Is it possible to find another that you could love just as much and do it right this time?

That intimidates me because part of my romantic heart says no, you only have one soulmate.

When writing, what comes first? The characters or the plot? Either, both or neither lol.
I usually have a scene pop into my mind. So I take a look at it and the characters evolve from, then the plot starts to develop from that.

Do you find that you write what you love to read? Or a different genre?
Oh, I definitely write what I love to read. I adore romances so even if I’m reading other types of stories I want them to have a romantic sub plot. I still have a few M/F authors that I read and a few urban fantasy series that I read. But, 80% of what I read is M/M romance.

Do you ever write your own personal fantasies into your books?
Maybe...I plead the fifth in case somebody who knows my husband reads this.

How much if any of your story line comes from real life people or events.

Some of Here For You did come from real life. As I said, my husband was a volunteer fire fighter for eight years so a lot of the camaraderie in the department was based on that. We had to move because of his job but he still talks to them. He’s actually still an official member and they keep asking when he’s coming back.

The robbery was also based on the experience of someone I know. The emotional whiplash of the moment…All the thoughts racing through the mind. It was very loosely based on that. Thankfully they weren’t harmed during the incident.

How many times do you read what you wrote and think "where the hell did that come from?!"

Oh, there’s definitely been a few times…The one that really had me gawking at the screen hasn’t made it to the finish line yet. I was looking at that on the laptop screen going “Damn! Even I had no idea I was that mean.”

Do you have to look at the keys when you type?
If I don’t want my document to look like Elvish gibberish then yes.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Okay, if, in an algebraic equation the wood chuck was x and the wood was y…..I really don’t care unless there is a sexy, shirtless lumberjack involved. Sorry.

What are you two favorite 80’s movies?
I have many but the top two are probably The Highlander & The Breakfast Club. I watched The Highlander and I’ve been a sucker for kilts and a Scottish accent ever since…. And swords, mustn’t forget the swords.

Why are man-hole covers round?
So this question can have me staring at the screen thinking I’d rather be writing about sexy men? Maybe because a man designed it? I don’t know.
Years after losing her husband, Kerri is surprised to find love again with the two men she never knew were there all along.

Two years ago when Kerri Johnston buried her husband Caleb after a tragic car accident, his best friends Kyle and Jacob came to her rescue. Taking her back to their ranch with them, they gave her a fresh start and a friendship she desperately needed. But after her grief has faded she realises her feelings for her two friends have changed. These men have sneaked into her heart and she doesn’t see how she can stay now.

Jacob Sullivan and Kyle Reardon have been lovers since high school. Kerri met them along with Caleb in college and has witnessed their commitment to each other first-hand. While she knows that they play with women occasionally, she knows that she could never live with being only temporary to them. When Kerri makes the decision to leave because watching them from the outside is becoming too painful, she gets a surprise second chance at love—that is if three people can work through the obstacles and misunderstandings that come with it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains M/M scenes, anal sex and sex toys.
When James falls for the new guy at the station is he just setting himself up to be burned?

Welcome to Deacon, Oklahoma. Straight population—seven hundred and ninety-six. Gay population—James Hara. Except it really isn’t that bad because when he came out to his hometown, something wonderful happened. They still loved him…most did anyway. The only problem is the lack of a dating pool.

Then he meets the new firefighting volunteer and he has a bigger problem. Mason is gorgeous, friendly and straight. Soon James is doing his best not to fall for his new friend. Hard to do when Mason is everything he dreams of with his humour and flashes of vulnerability.

But after a set of stressful events, he finds that maybe it is not impossible after all. If he can be patient with a man wounded by his past.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to past sexual assault.

“James, quick it’s the Tardis! You better run for it!”
I turned and looked at Tosh, my best friend since college, like she had lost her freaking mind. Because apparently she had.
I raised one eyebrow at her, a skill I had and she didn’t—and didn’t she just hate that.
“Don’t look at me like that! The way your eyes were glued to the new guy’s ass I figured that Doctor Who was the only thing that might get your attention. ‘Cause I am not mopping this floor again if you drool all over it!”
I winced. “Saw that, did you?”
“I’m not the only one.” Tosh smirked at me.
I closed my eyes. I really didn’t want to know. “Who else?”
“Jake, Kent”—she paused for dramatic effect—“and Sam.”
I looked at her horrified. “Sam saw! I’m invisible to him, he never sees what I do unless I’m in fire gear at a scene. I could dance naked for his attention and he still wouldn’t see me.”
“He’s afraid that you are going to dance naked for his attention and that’s why you’re invisible to him. As if,” she said, her pixie face twisted in disgust. “Even you have better taste in men. Unless you’re even more hard up than I thought.”


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