21 April 2013

Wolf Masters 3 and 4, By Becca Jameson

The Wolf Masters, Books 3 and 4
By Becca Jameson

            Childhood trauma has caused Jessica to live her life for herself, and to ignore a part of her as well.  Hiding the fact that she was a wolf shifter was easy enough, that was until her best friends started mating with shifters.  Although the men were able to keep her secret, she started to wonder if she was missing out on life hiding her wolf side.
            Charles and Reese are back in town, but they didn’t come alone, they brought Alyssa.  When they meet Jessica though, they realize that she is their mate, but what can they do with Alyssa?  Trying to move forward with their mate, they try to hold onto the secret that they were begged to keep.  But what will happen if Jessica doesn’t understand what they are hiding?  Will she accept the wolf in her wanting to be mated, or will she cause the three of them pain by walking away?

          After learning a little bit about Jessica in the prior books, I was excited to find out that she was going to have her own story.  The twist that Becca had put in about Jessica being a wolf herself, I didn’t expect that at all.  But I did enjoy that one of the females was a shifter as well.  Being able to watch Jessica come into her own as a wolf was an amazing journey and I am glad that I was able to watch it happen!
          The characters were well written, in my opinion, and I couldn’t wait to put the book down once I started to read it.  The story pulled me in and I just wanted to find out more and more as the story unfolded.  I can’t wait to read more of this series!!
This book is currently $4.49 US Dollars on Amazon.

     Watching his brothers share their mates has made Michael realize that when he finds his mate, he wants her all to himself, he doesn’t want to have to share her.  When he realizes that Alyssa is his mate, he does the one thing he knows is right, he leaves to give her time to enjoy her life.  He never expected to get a call saying that Alyssa believed she found her mate, and it wasn’t him.  What will he do when he realizes that the woman that is meant to be his, he will have to share?
     After running away from a forced marriage, Alyssa was lucky enough to find the Master’s family, and for them to accept her with open arms.  Having lived in a pack where women were forced to be mated with men older than them, Alyssa had decided that she wasn’t going to have a mate at all.  But it seemed as if fate had a different future in store for her.
     Not being part of his pack for many years, Tyler didn’t understand why his alpha wanted him to go check on Alyssa.  But what he found shocked him, the fact that Alyssa was his mate.  Without any other thoughts in his head, he leaves his pack and family to go to Alyssa. 
     What will happen when the three of them are finally together?  Can Michael get past his desires to only have Alyssa for himself, and why is it the alpha sent Tyler to spy on Alyssa? 

     As the final book in the series, I couldn’t have been any happier with the way this series has turned out!  It was amazing to watch the women find themselves and their mates and the amazing futures that were set out for them.  After having been introduced to Alyssa in Jessica’s Wolves, I couldn’t wait for her story to come out, and for her to get her happy ever after. 
     Becca was able to give the characters such a vast difference in personalities, with some things that they have similar that they were able to work together as a trio. I enjoyed how Michael and Tyler had their little fights while they were still getting use to each other, it made it seem more real.  I also liked how Becca once again included the prior ménages into this story, so you found out what was going on in their lives as well.
     All in all I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, and it was completely worth the wait!!  I can’t wait to see what else Becca has in store for us.
This book is currently $4.99 US Dollars on Amazon.

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