03 June 2013

Falling into Us, By Selene Chardou

"Kaz asked me a simple question and offered a way out. He said I could stay in L.A. and visit him on tour when ever I wanted but I am tired of feeling vacuous and useless so I said yes. I could use my photography skills and I'd been to plenty of concerts but never have I gone on tour with a band.

"The concerts are amazing but Scarlet Fever and Winter's Regret are a formidable combination and just as in life as in art, nothing is ever what it appears to be. Even the most perfect paintings have slight imperfections and I have to discover them one by one...about Kaz, my lover, and the man I have come to adore..."

Part two of Syd and Kaz's exploration takes place in dual points of view and covers the North American leg of the Gods of Rock World Tour with Scarlet Fever and Winter's Regret.

Kaz thought he knew what he was doing when he decided to enter into a relationship with Sydney but his underestimation of her might cost him everything including the self-control he has held on to so tight for many years.

Can he mold her into the woman he needs her to be or will she break him in the end?

The One More Night Trilogy is a Contemporary Romance set in the world of rock and roll:

Falling Into Lust
Falling Into Us

Falling Into Love (Coming June of 2013)

Publisher's Note: This is a full length novel of 310 paperback pages. Although this is a three part trilogy, none of these stories end with cliffhangers and each one is a journey into the lives of Sydney and Kaz before and during the world tour.

Due to mature content, explicit language and adult situations, this novel is recommended for those 18+.

                First off, I want to say that I am so glad that Selene made this a full length novel!!  There was so much information packed into this story that there was no way it could have been told properly and be shortened at all.

                Now while reading the first book in the series, Falling into Lust, we met Syd and Kaz and we joined them on the first 6 weeks of their relationship.  This book starts off with the beginning of the tour for Kaz’s band, Scarlet Fever.  It was fun to read about all the prep work that went into the tour that Kaz and Syd had to go through.  

                One of my complaints about Falling into Lust was the fact that it seemed all about the labels.  Well I do have to say I was really pleased that during this book, even though the designers were mentioned, it wasn’t as much as it was in the first book.  I was really happy to read parts of the story and not be having to look up who Syd was wearing.

                Now during the course of this book, in some ways Syd changed for the better.  But on the other hand as well, it was slightly annoying her talking about how she changed from being a “spoiled rich girl” and the only change that was mentioned is that she switched from Italian designers.  Kaz however changed a lot!!  It was amazing to read about him growing more, and opening up in his relationship with Syd.

                There were a few parts where I seriously jumped up and said “WTF” because some parts of this book caught me off guard.  I do like how Selene added more to the different characters, not just the main characters but the secondary as well. I also liked how she included certain parts that most people would overlook; drug use in band members, the promiscuous sex that people take part of, and the arguments between the bands.  When it came to Syd’s character though, I don’t really like how she befriended everyone, even people who she had a prior bad relationship with.  It seemed too nicely wrapped up.

                But that could change in the third book I suppose because there were parts in this book that shocked me from the first one!  I can’t wait to read more in this series, it has sucked me in and the wait is going to kill me!!

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