13 July 2013

Rachel (Songs of Dominace 3) By CD Reiss

It is not necessary to read this to be all caught up on Jonathan and Monica's story. It's simply a supplement.

Do people like you ever have wishes, Jonathan?

What does that mean? People like me, Rachel?

People who have everything. Was there ever something you wanted but could only wish for?

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Crystal's Review:

I have loved this series from the first one that I have read, and it has gotten better and better with each book.  I do enjoy the Songs of Dominance series, they are told from Jonathan’s POV.  It is great to see into his mind during his present and his past.

                While we have heard about Rachel throughout the other books, it was nice to be able to find out more about her in this book.  The relationship that Jonathan and Rachel had was a complicated one.  I was left wondering after this installment, it felt like there was more to their story than we were told.

                But this book does leave you wanting more from the series and I think it was a great tease while waiting on the next book!

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