24 August 2013

Bite Me Tender, By Kate Lowell

** This book contains Male Male Relations**
Levi is a werewolf. His boyfriend, and the love of his life, is a witch. After living together for three years, they decided to commit to each other and change Glyn into a werewolf. Levi hoped the pack would accept Glyn more readily as a wolf. Glyn hoped it would eliminate his erratic magic and erase the OCD it caused. One year later, they're still trying...

Levi can't understand why his bite won't change Glyn and he's running out of time to figure it out. His pack is being threatened by a larger one, he's facing dissension in the ranks of his own ruling council and Glyn's grandmother is poking her witchy nose into their relationship.

Under threat of a violent takeover, the council pushes another potential wolf at Levi, infuriating Glyn and adding weight to Levi's own doubts. Council machinations divide the two lovers, leaving both men questioning their lives, their love, and what they're willing to endure for each other.

Full moon is a time of power and change. It could be a disaster, or it could be the key to happily ever after. If they're strong enough to take a loss and make it a win.

What happens when you take a werewolf and a witch and put them together? You get an amazing read that's for sure! This book had the drama that I was looking for; the paranormal aspect that I enjoy; and of course the off the walls HAWT sex that takes place in the book.

Right off the bat when it comes to writing this review, my one big complaint that I have is that I felt confused during the reading at quite a few parts. I am unsure if there is a book before this that explains what had happened between Levi and Glyn before this story starts. If there is a book before this one, I would enjoy reading it. If there isn't one, then I personally think there should be.

But back to this story, taking the complaint I mentioned earlier out of the equation, I think that this book was a really good one. There was enough drama, the politics of the werewolf life, that was taking place throughout the whole book that was done in the right amounts it didn't overtake the whole book. Levi's character was one had a hard past, you could tell that from the hints we were given about it. You could also tell the care and compassion that he had for his packmates, along with the love he has for Glyn.

Glyn's character was confusing to me at times, I still don't understand the OCD things. The fact that he is a quarter witch had a large part in the way he is today. I did enjoy his grandmother though, she was a great comic relief that was able to calm down a stressful scene. But not only that, she shows the lengths she will go to to keep her family safe.

Overall, I did enjoy reading this book and I will see if there is more to come from the author in the future!



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