03 August 2013

Conflict, By M.S. Willis

***Content Warning - This is a new adult fiction with mature themes. It contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence.***
Conflict is the second book in the Control series. This description contains spoilers for those who have not read book one in the series, entitled Control.

Private Investigator, Paige Stone has always appreciated the independence of her life, however, her world was pitched upside down when she and her roommates were attacked and nearly killed. As a result of the attack by Chris, Paige now finds herself dependent upon Daemon Pierce for a place to live as she hides from Chris. Paige has never lived with a man before and demands that Daemon consider her a "roommate" only, even though it goes against her own desires.

Strong-willed and arrogant, Daemon Pierce has been working hard to protect Paige from Chris and from herself. Letting go of his life as a womanizer, Daemon tries to prove to Paige that she can trust him, even though he refuses to enlighten her as to his past. Daemon struggles to comply with Paige's ridiculous demand to be "roommates" and quickly finds that he has fallen in love with the girl who does nothing but push him away.

Paige's emotional journey once again places her in dangerous situations and when secrets are revealed and decisions are made, Paige has no choice but to look deep within herself to see if she can finally trust the man who will stop at nothing to save her.

    My head fell back under the spray of the water and it soaked my hair.  My eyes were shut against the rivulets of water running down my face.  Eventually, I lifted my head to let the water travel down my back and when I rubbed it from my eyes, I opened them to find Daemon standing in front of me.  He was completely naked and his eyes seared into mine.  I gasped from the intensity of his gaze and my body jumped in reaction to my surprise.  Every defined muscle on his body was tense and his hands were clenched into fists.  Water continued pouring down my body and I couldn’t will myself to speak.  I was frozen in place staring at what was probably the most powerful person I had ever known.  Both physically and mentally, Daemon had absolute command over, not only himself, but everything around him.   He demanded respect whenever he entered a room and he carried himself in such a way that the potential threat within him did not go unnoticed.  Yet, for as hard and authoritative as he was, he could still be soft and compassionate.  There was this playful, boyish side to him that lit the entire room around him and all that stood nearby.   

    With one long stride he moved under the spray of the water with me.  The water ran down his tanned skin, leaving little drops that would eventually slide along the outline of his perfect lips, his broad chest and down along the muscles of his abdomen.  My body trembled at his proximity and I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice.

    “Take it out on me, Paige.”

    My brows pulled together in confusion at his request and he stepped closer before explaining.  He was barely brushing up against me when he said, “Your anger, your frustration, your pain...take it out on me.  Let me be your outlet.”

    I was knocked back by his words.  What did he want me to do?  I didn’t understand the strange request he was making and I remained quiet as I tried to make sense of what he was saying.   His close proximity put me at eye level with his smooth chest and I had to look up to catch his eyes.  

    “I don’t understand what you want me to do, Daemon.  Do you want me to fight you?  Somehow I think that could be dangerous while we are both naked and soaking wet in the shower.”  My voice was husky and raw and my body was absolutely on fire for him.  Just staring at the water as it streamed along the ridges of his muscular body was igniting within me such desire, that the anger and frustration that had earlier consumed me was being smothered and extinguished.

    Daemon reached down, grabbed my hands and placed them flat against his rock hard chest.  I could feel the strong, rhythmic beat of his heart.  He held my hands in place as he said, “Scream at me, hit me, scratch me, kick me, fuck me…it doesn’t matter as long as I can help take some of that pain and frustration out of you.  I don’t care what you do to me, Paige, just as long as you’re with me.  Use me anyway you need, just never leave.”  He leaned down to place a kiss on the top of my head.  His forehead rested on mine when he continued. “Promise me, Paige, that you’ll never let me go.  I don’t think I could survive it.”

Crystal's Review:

                One issue with series is that usually when the first book is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! You have to worry that the following books won’t be able to live up to the expectations that you have for it.  That has happened to me several times throughout my reading history.  I am really excited to say that that is NOT the problem with Conflict.

                Although there weren’t as many “funny parts” as there were in Control, I think that M.S. did a great balance between the humor and the suspense.  This book had a more serious tone to it than the first book.  But seeing as what was happening in this one, I still enjoyed it immensely!! 

                And of course what could go wrong when you have David, who is being his normal joking self, and of course the CRAZY sexual tension between both Paige and Daemon?  Let me say, there were parts of this book where I wanted to smack Paige upside the head!  If I had a guy like Daemon wanting to be with me, I don’t think my clothes could fall off quick enough!

                Let’s not forget the drama either.  With Annie having gone through what she did, although you know that it is horrible, was written in a way that you could understand what she was going through.  In my opinion, that part was very well done.  Chris’s character, Gosh I don’t even want him in the same paragraph as Annie, was done to a point where I was kinda freaked out a little bit.  Wondering what exactly goes through M.S.’s head, and making sure I don’t get on her bad side!  You could feel the evil that was pouring off of him during the course of the story.

                But even with that aside, I do think that the tension did end up helping more in the long run.  Paige was able to learn more about herself and Daemon during the time she was torturing him, (along with me!).  The ending of the book, completely caught me off guard.  I couldn’t believe it when I read it and let me say, it was great!  I really enjoyed the way that M.S. wrote this story.

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