27 August 2013

Firecracker in Heat, By Megan Flint

Trixie Harridan is in the best shape of her life.

She meets a muscular, sexy man in a hotel bar. She's nervous about the obstacle course race in the morning, but Cyril offers to take her sight seeing around the village.

Trixie knows that getting a night's rest is the smart thing to do, but one look at his powerful arms, encircled by mysterious Celtic tattoos, and she's mesmerized.

As they flirt and grow more attracted, Trixie wonders if Cy will be the first man who can handle the explosive nature of her sexual appetite. 

Erotica is the big genre right now it seems. If you write about sex, then you can make the big bucks in the publishing world. The balance is though, finding some way to write about it without seeming like its every other book out there. Megan has written a book that does that, it stands out from the other books out there.

The sex scenes in this book are completely off the charts hot with a side order of hotness. If you are looking for a hot read, one that will bring a smile to your face and possibly make you squirm in your seat make sure you check this one out! Firecracker in Heat is the first book in her series and after reading it, I want to read more into the series and find out what is going to Trixie in the future.

Seeing as how this book has mostly sex, that is what my rating is going to be based upon!

Currently 99 CENTS on Amazon.
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