12 August 2013

Slick Rider, By Em Petrova

Physical therapy assistant Lilly’s job is to keep rodeo star Juss Rossie off his injured leg and from using his bad shoulder to rope more buckle bunnies. Trouble is she wants—just for once in her life—to be one of those rodeo gals who gets the cowboy. Pushing him to the limits of his therapy will take some creative maneuvering, and she finds he responds in the yummiest ways.

Juss hates like hell to be laid up with injuries and off the back of a bull. But being at the mercy of therapist Lilly is torture—especially when she gets in the pool, on the mat, or crawls into bed with him. Can he recover from her mind-blowing advances without losing his heart?

What is it about a cowboy that is so alluring? I vote the tight pants. And the cowboy boots. And the hats. And the attitude. Oh yeah…the attitude.

Slick Rider is the tale Lilly and Juss. Lilly is a physical therapy assistant who gets assigned rodeo champion Juss Rossie. Oh my. He can tame a 1 ton beast with his thighs…that’s quite impressive. Anyway…I digress. Lilly and Juss are thrown together in a physical therapy facility after Juss gets thrown from a bull, and the sparks between he and Lilly ignite. There is so much spark between these two; it’s pretty awesome to read about. I like a lot of build up, and this book has that in spades. This book does follow the erotic format…boy meets girl, sparks ignite, passion is had, misunderstanding occurs. But, this book is well-written, and personally I don’t read a lot of books that center around bull-riding, so that was different for me.

This is a great novella, and I highly recommend it for a short, erotic read. I give this 4 stars!


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