22 September 2013

Beats By Kendall Grey

WARNING: BEATS is specially formulated for horn dogs, porn oglers, smut peddlers, BDSM junkies, M/M and M/M/F addicts, DP dabblers, and lovers of A2M backdoor sexy times. If you don’t fall into these categories, can’t stomach hot man-on-man action, or if you have no idea what the above acronyms mean, please back away from BEATS now. This isn’t the book you’re looking for. Failure to heed this warning could inadvertently throw unauthorized users into a persistent vegetative state, or at the very least, require administration of a defibrillator to the chest and/or groin area. Nobody wants that.
For months, shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall, dark, and scary bandmate, Toombs Badcock. Drawn to his frightening ink and scars, she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets lurking behind his silver eyes, but Jinx is too intimidated to even look at him, let alone talk to him. When she stumbles upon Toombs and their manipulative lead guitarist Rax in a compromising position, Jinx realizes her chances of winning Toombs’s heart aren’t just a long shot—they’re nonexistent. To make matters worse, Jinx’s family needs her at home. She’s about to back away from it all—Toombs, the band, her dreams of fame and fortune—when Rax makes her an offer she can’t refuse: a no-holds-barred night alone with Toombs. There’s one small catch. She has to go through Rax to get it.

                Well I will go ahead and say this, there were some parts of this book that I liked a TON more than Strings, but then there were parts in Strings that I enjoyed more than this book.  It’s one of those confusion things on my part.  I’m unsure as to my feelings at this time.

                We met everyone in Strings, so there really isn’t a point for me to go over everyone again :) In this book though, it is more focused on the relationship starting between Jinx and Toombs…. And Rex, because even though Jinx only wants Toombs, it seems she has to go through Rex to get him.  The “relationship” (and I use that word freely) between the 3 of them is confusing to say the least.  There are some parts that I can understand and other parts where I was literally like WTF is going on here?  I have read some dark things, and certain parts of this book are up there with them.

                There are some parts of this book that will upset some readers, (there is M/M relations that take place as well as some serious BDSM) but then there are other parts that are actually sweet and cute to read.  I have to say this though, even though I loved Letty in Strings, I think that the parts of the story that she took part in in Beats she took over the scene.  And to me she seemed a little crass.  But that could honestly be because we weren’t use to the way she talks because it’s been awhile since Strings.

                The ending of the story has left a lot in the open.  I can’t wait for the next book because I have a feeling that the ending in this book, isn’t the way things are going to end completely.  So please hurry up Kendall so we know what happens!


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