12 September 2013

Behind Every Cloud, By Penny Brandon

**This book contains Male Male Relations**
Forced to live behind a lie because of a promise he made to his sister, Kurt's been celibate for twelve years. It's not so much the sex he misses, but the chance at a family like the one his parents brought him up to expect. Then he meets Sasha, and it becomes all about the sex. Though he tries hard to resist, Sasha's just too damn gorgeous, and Sasha wants him. So why not just give in?
Throwing himself with abandon into the Sydney gay scene, millionaire Sasha Harrison becomes playboy celebrity known to everyone as “Silver.” It was fun at first, but after five years of being the media's meal ticket he now just wants to be left alone. Hounded by reporters, he hides out with Kurt, the one guy who has no idea who he is, or was. But that's the problem. Kurt doesn't realize Sasha's not used to being turned down, and Sasha's not used to being with nice guys.

                Let me start this by saying, OH MY GOSH I think I’m in love with Kurt.  I mean seriously, you can’t read this book and not feel something for the man.  Shoot you can’t read the blurb and not be like “no way honey!”  Honestly, right from the start he pulled on my heart strings and wouldn’t let go.

                Now Sasha, I have mixed emotions about him, I think it’s because he did what he did with Kurt.  While I do understand what he was going through, it was still upsetting watching him do that.  But back to Sasha, I think that his character was very well portrayed during the book.  I liked how we were able to get to know Sasha, not Silver.

                Kurt, I felt for during the book.  What he had been through in his life was unthinkable and then what he had put himself through was even worse.  This is the first book I have read from this author and I think that they did very well conveying the feelings that Kurt had, along with what he was going through after meeting Sasha.

                I enjoyed that this book wasn’t completely about sex; there was the actual story that took place.  The drama that takes place in the story was so amazingly well written that it left you wanting to know more.  It left me wondering what was going to happen between Kurt and Sasha, and hoping that things would work out for everyone.

                All in all, I completely enjoyed this book and I will be sure to look into other books by this author!

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review Crystal. It makes all those hours thinking of ways two men can love each other so worth it. :)