14 September 2013

Brat and Master, By Sindra van Yssel

Amanda is tired of being taken for granted by all the Doms at Excess, so she decides to train her own. When Jeremy shows up to newbie night, she thinks he might have what it takes. He's handsome and confident -- all she needs to do is a little topping from below, and he'll get the hang of making her do exactly what she wants.
Sexy pianist Jeremy isn't the beginner that Amanda thinks he is, however. He's been out of the scene for a while, but he has years of experience and is looking for new experiences to scratch the itch. But he's never met a sub quite as bratty as Amanda. He relishes a challenge, and he thinks he knows how to keep the willful submissive in line.

                With how fast the BDSM genre has taken off, more and more authors are writing these types of books.  Even though I do enjoy the genre, at times I think that the books start to repeat themselves.  I was pleasantly surprised with this book on one hand because I liked how the author explained the beginning part of a D/s relationship.

                I liked that part because it was explained what to look for in that type of relationship.  As well as what questions to ask to become better acquainted with your partner.  My only complaint about that part of the book would be that it was done in a way that seemed more joking than serious.  There is the fine line when it comes to joking around with such a serious topic and I think that the author crossed that line a bit.

                There were parts of the story that seemed very rushed to me as well.  After the scenes at the club, they felt very short and cut off at the end of them.  As well as the ending of the story, I was left wondering what was going on between the two of them.  It felt like they had rushed into their relationship to the point where the ending didn’t make sense to me.

                All in all though, I did enjoy the book because it brought some smiles to me, I just think there were some parts that could have been written better.


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